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NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Friday, April 27th. Thanks for joining us today for The World and Everything in It from member-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Nick Eicher.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. 

Before we get to listener feedback, I think we ought to start with a couple of corrections.

First, a mispronunciation. McLean, Virginia. It’s spelled M-C-L-E-A-N and so we mistakenly said “McLean.” But, of course, it’s McLean. Sorry about that.

Also, earlier this month we reported on the first woman ever to give birth as a U.S. senator, Tammy Duckworth. Well, we got that part right, but we said she was 49, and she’s actually 50.

OK, I feel better.

EICHER: You’ll feel even better after you hear this review from iTunes. This listener appreciates being able to get a quick summary of the news on a busy morning, as well as listening to in-depth stories and interviews when working around the house.

The review mentions Culture Friday with John Stonestreet and Mary Coleman’s commentaries as favorites. But also this: Monday’s Legal Docket with Mary Reichard is always fascinating.

That’s nice.

REICHARD: Long-time WORLD Magazine subscriber PETER FERRIS left a comment at He wrote to say: Having the podcast transcripts will be very valuable and that he’ll enjoy reading and rereading the key points of information.

Another listener seconded that emotion and said the site is great.

EICHER: Well, that’s good to hear. We’re grateful so many of you are already using the site for transcripts and sharing audio. But since we’re talking about it, I think it’s a good time to stress that we’ve received a few emails from people who have had trouble finding it.

We’ve only mentioned it on the air, so you have to type in the URL yourself.

I hope this helps make it memorable.

So we have six words in our program name, The World and Everything in It. But we only use three of them: World and Everything and then add dot-org for the site address. So

If you’re used to WORLD’s main site,, we’ll have a link to the program page there, too. So that ought to help.

REICHARD: Next, we’ll go to our listener feedback line at 202-709-9595:

DANE: Hello, this is Dane from South Texas. And I enjoy listening to your podcast on the SoundCloud radio platform. And I most appreciate the, uh, the kicker that you have, but on top of that one of the other things, I really appreciate is the discussion of the court cases that comes up every Monday. One of the problems I have, though, is that I like to discuss these things with my children, so that they can have some critical thinking of the dinner table, and it’s a little difficult for me to do a digital research on it. So if you could please include a, you know, Jones versus Smith or something like that, so I can be able look these cases up and… can bring it to the children, I’d appreciate it. Thanks. Bye.

REICHARD: Well, thank you, we think this is a great idea! It won’t always work to insert the case name into the actual script we say, but we will start posting these at And I hope that’ll be a good tool for you.

EICHER: Yeah, I think that’ll help. Well, listener Fin Pendergast wrote in to take issue with John Stonestreet and me. He thought we were unfair to writer Kevin Williamson. He’s the former National Review writer who went to The Atlantic and got fired there.

The listener said, “What needs to be reported again and again is the left’s determination to silence anyone and everyone who challenges its orthodoxy. That’s exactly what happened to Kevin Williamson.”

And he said he thought we didn’t dig deeply enough and were content to take a mainstream media mischaracterization of Kevin Williamson.

Well now, here’s another listener critique. It’s Josh Bodene of Pennsylvania:

BODENE: I appreciated the piece that Sarah Schweinsberg did on free range parenting today. Although it would be, I think, appropriate to maybe offer a perspective from the other side as to whether there may be some legitimate concerns on behalf of current who may be handling it a different way. And then potentially adding to that whether that conversation should be a disagreement between well-meaning parents or whether it ought to be a legislative prerogative of the law. Seems to me that reasonable parents can disagree on whether pretty parents rearrange parent thing is appropriate, but the police or the state to say that certain things are illegal entirely other matter. So thank you very much. I appreciate it.

REICHARD: Time for one more before we go:

KRAUS: Hi, this is Marjorie Kraus from Lawrence, Kansas. I thoroughly enjoyed Janie B. Cheney’s talk “The Big Picture,” about maps. I’m 64 years old and have loved maps since I was a child, but I’ve gotten used to Google maps in the past few years. So my passion for maps had sort of gone dormant. But last week I took a trip to see the sandhill crane migration near Kearney, Nebraska. I didn’t even think about paper maps. But for most of my trip Google Maps did not work, and I first I was alarmed, but then I remembered I had Kansas and Nebraska maps somewhere in my car. I found them and all the joy and love of maps came flooding back, and I planned my adventure by the side of the road and I saw the roads I was on on my map. I saw the towns I was stopping in on my map—the big picture. It was so wonderful. So I am now going to plan any future trips on my paper maps, and use them, and maybe Google Maps in a pinch. Thank you, Janie! Long live the joy of maps. 

EICHER: We are so grateful for your calls. To leave a message on our listener feedback line, just dial 202-709-9595. That’s 202-709-9595. And we have that contact information online at on the “contact us” tab.

REICHARD: It was great to hear your voices.

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