Tuesday morning news: June 5, 2018

Guatemala volcano erupts » Rescue teams continue to search for bodies in the shadow of Guatemala’s Volcan del Fuego.

AUDIO: Eruption sound

The volcano erupted Sunday with explosions that made the recent activity at the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea pale by comparison. 

Guatemala’s disaster agency reported 62 people had died and more remained missing in rural areas cut off by the eruption.

Fuego set off something called a “pyroclastic flow,” the same condition that destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy. It’s a wave of burning gas, steam, and rocks that can reach speeds of more than 400miles per hour.

Guatemalan authorities have evacuated more than 3,200 people. The G13 industrialized nations, including the United States, France and Great Britain, are pledging assistance.

Texas shooting injures five » A neighborhood football field in Dallas remains a crime scene after two individuals got into gun battle Sunday night at a heavily attended game.

AUDIO: Gunfight sound

Five bystanders were wounded in the shootout caught on cellphone video, including a pregnant woman who underwent a C-section to save her baby. The mother remains in critical condition. 

Another woman was shot in the head and is also in critical condition. Three others with non-life threatening wounds are all listed as stable. 

Police say they are still searching for the two gunmen. 

Oregon protesters clash » Residents of Portland, Oregon, are reacting to the violent clashes between left and right-wing protesters on Sunday. 

This man expressed frustration that officials gave permits to a patriot prayer rally and an Antifa counter protest for the second year in a row. 

AUDIO: They still come to our city and they still get to have their platform, so I come in support of all of the other people who think that that’s not okay. 

The two groups met in Portland last year and clashed with one another. Fourteen people were arrested then. Police faced harsh criticism on the tactics used to control the brawling groups. 

Witnesses said this time police took a more hands-on approach to prevent major violent outbreaks. Authorities made only four arrests. 

Bill Clinton grilled on #MeToo, Monica Lewinsky » Former President Bill Clinton is speaking out about the #MeToo movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Clinton told NBC he agrees with #MeToo movement mostly, but got defensive when asked if it would have changed how he handled his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky while he was president. He said no.

CLINTON: I dealt with it 20 years ago plus, and the American people, two-thirds of them stayed with me, and I’ve tried to do a good job since then with my life and with my work. That’s all I have to say. 

Several women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and even rape against Clinton.

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has stated Clinton should have resigned the presidency for abusing his power in the Lewinsky affair. She occupies the seat once held by Hillary Clinton in New York.

I’m Jim Henry. Up next: Laura Finch reports on the battle over the federal farm bill. Plus, a debate over how to teach evolution erupts in Arizona. This is The World and Everything in It.

(AP Photo/Oliver de Ros) A soldier stands guard at a search and rescue site near the Volcan de Fuego, or “Volcano of Fire,” in Escuintla, Guatemala, Monday, June 4, 2018. 

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