Day: August 16, 2018

Thursday morning news: August 16, 2018

President Trump revokes former CIA director’s security clearance » The White House announced Wednesday that President Trump is revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan.

Willow Creek accusations

MARY REICHARD, HOST: It’s Thursday, the 16th of August, 2018. Glad to have you along for today’s edition of The World and Everything in It. Good morning, I’m Mary Reichard. NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Willow Creek Community Church is a mega-church in Chicago with a national reputation.

White collar crime prosecutions

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Coming up next on The World and Everything in It: changes in the way prosecutors handle white-collar crimes.

Kicker: Unsupervised shopping

NICK EICHER, HOST: Kids are pretty tech-savvy, but give parents credit. Some of them are catching up.

Notable Speech: Steve Russell

NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Thursday, August 16th. Thank you for turning to WORLD Radio to help start your day. Good morning. I’m Nick Eicher. MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. August recess came and Congress left without passing an immigration bill.

Listening In preview: Ken Boa

NICK EICHER, HOST: Next up on The World and Everything in It: While we’re on the subject of Listening In, a preview of this week’s edition.

Cal Thomas: Journalism and propaganda

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Today is Thursday, August 16th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from member-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Mary Reichard. NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Next up, Cal Thomas on the difference between journalism and propaganda.