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MARY REICHARD, HOST: Today is Friday, August 24th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from member-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Mary Reichard.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher.

It’s time now for listener feedback. WORLD Radio news editor Leigh Jones joins us for that. And Leigh, you’ve got some emails for us and some tape.

LEIGH JONES, NEWS EDITOR: I do, and—ah, tape? Nick, you’re dating yourself.

EICHER: Yeah, back in the day, we actually edited tape on open reel machines with splice blocks and razor blades. I do appreciate digital tape. The editing’s much easier. Make a mistake and select “Undo.” Command-Z!

JONES: Yes, and speaking of mistakes, we need to hit the undo button a few times, so to speak. And let’s start with some of that, uh, tape.

AUDIO: Hi, this is Josh Curbway from West Virginia. I appreciate your all’s reporting on the West Virginia Supreme Court indictments here that have been happening recently. I do have one comment, though, this is twice that you guys have mispronounced the judge’s name. You guys say La-ow-ry. It’s Lauf-frey. Justice Loughry. So, just wanted to offer that correction. Thanks for everything you guys do.

Law-free. Got it. Good call, Josh, thanks!

And thanks to Paul Weinbrenner. He listens in Vancouver, Washington. And he emailed us about an error in Monday’s History Book.

I said that 50 years ago, James Anderson Jr. was the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor. Well, we were missing a word there. We should have specified Anderson was the first African American Marine to earn that distinction.

REICHARD: And in Tuesday’s program, I said the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage five years ago. But the court actually issued that ruling in 20-15, three years ago. Can’t believe I said that! Math!

EICHER: Listener Elwood Groves wrote in to say he “thoroughly enjoyed Marvin Olasky’s commentary on religion in the public sphere.” But he says the joke about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson camping was not actually written by Arthur Conan Doyle. And Elwood is absolutely right about that.

JONES: Now to several calls from our listener feedback line, 202-709-9595.

AUDIO: My name is Angela and I’m calling from Clearwater, Florida. I’m a homeschool mom of a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. When I started listening to The World and Everything in It, I would listen to it in the living room or kitchen while going about my day so that the kids could hear what was going on in the news. In a very short time, they would actually ask me to pause it so we could discuss what’s going on in the news. So, what started out to be a sly thing, ended up being something that they actually crave and enjoy. Thank you and God bless.

AUDIO: Yes, my name is Ed Reed and I’m an ER doctor and I really enjoy the program because it gives me the news without leaning left or right and is presented without histrionics.

AUDIO: Hi, this is Holly Webb from Waco, Texas and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this news program. I have been looking for a source of news that I could digest. Thank you so much for helping me be more literate about what’s going on.

AUDIO: Good morning! My name is John and I live in Iron Station, North Carolina. I drive a truck on a dedicated route, so I’m gone from Monday morning until Friday afternoon. I stumbled across your podcast after listening to The Briefing with Al Mohler. And ever since I downloaded your show, I have been hooked. God bless and keep up the great work. Bye bye, now.

EICHER: Angela, Ed, Holly, John, thank you. Such kind words.

JONES: Nick and Mary, you’ll also appreciate the calls we received that tell us listeners are staying all the way to the end. Here’s one.

AUDIO: Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I live in West Richland, Washington and I just want to say I’m loving your scriptural encouragement and exhortation at the end of the episodes. It’s such a good way to end a broadcast and move on to the next thing in my day.

REICHARD: Oh, I love thinking up those little nuggets! Plus it’s a built-in extra nudge to read the Bible. You’d think I wouldn’t need a nudge—but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

EICHER: Let’s go from the very end to the very beginning. This next caller I remember very well, because he’s a fellow cyclist. He and I corresponded a little bit on email—enough that we could swap stories about our various bike-crash adventures. But here’s an appreciation for what we call “the preroll.” It’s Paul Gebel from Columbia, South Carolina.

GEBEL: I want to compliment the person at WORLD who came up with the idea of letting listeners like us introduce your show each day. I had my twenty seconds of fame back in July and it’s fun each morning to hear where your listeners are from and what they do. Let me encourage you to keep this feature going. Thank you so much.

JONES: Thank you, Paul. We plan to! Of course, it’s up to you. We do have several of these still in the pipeline. But they run just once, so we do need to restock.

REICHARD: If you’d like to submit a preroll, I’d point you to and type “preroll” in the search box. That’ll pull up the instructions Nick and I gave on the program back in July.

EICHER: I just want to emphasize that the reason we do this is because the program depends entirely upon you, that it’s made possible by listeners like you who provide the resources to pay the costs. And we just think the listeners deserve a place of honor, right at the beginning of the program. So we’ll definitely keep it going and be thinking of other ways as well to honor you and encourage you.

REICHARD: Our next call’s from a longtime WORLD reader who appreciated Joel Belz’s commentary last week about how WORLD got started … with a kids’ newspaper she immediately recognized.

AUDIO: My name is Jessie Dellplane and I had just started at a new Christian school in third grade and they gave us a kids newspaper each week and I loved it. I was a struggling reader and it was so incredibly empowering that I could read these articles and that I wasn’t just reading a little story in my reader, but these were real stories happening in the world. And I was thrilled that you connected the dots that the podcast I listen to was started by God’s World and I feel like you’re still helping me as someone who is still struggling to make sense out of the world and I’m so thankful for the work you guys are doing. Thank you so much.

EICHER: Generational connect-the-dots! That is so great to hear. Joel will appreciate that.

REICHARD: Thanks to all the listeners who call, email, and connect with us on social media.

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