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NICK EICHER, HOST: So many interesting people from so many different places.

So we’ve arrived at something of a milestone.

Go back to July 9th. Remember, we floated this idea for listener pre-rolls to kick off the program.

The response was enormous! We started the next day, the 10th, and as of today, we’ve run 99 of these.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Wow! And so before we run our 100th, and because it’s the day after Thanksgiving, it just seems right to take a moment to say how thankful we are for you.

We’ve heard from so many of you who look forward to hearing these new voices each day, and we’re planning to keep it going. Of course that’s up to you. More about that in a minute.

But let’s just step back and marvel and what you’ve done with these.

EICHER: Our listeners are really spread far and wide, but let’s start here in the United States. We have 34 states represented so far —

AUDIO: Huntsville AL, Chandler AZ, Fayetteville AR, Pacific Grove CA, Denver CO, Willington CT, Tampa FL, Alpharetta GA, Monee IL, Moores Hill IN, Davenport IA, Annapolis MD, Grand Rapids MI, Duluth MN, Meridian MS, St. Louis MO, Omaha NE, Reno NV, Brick NJ, Albuquerque NM, Brooklyn NY, Durham NC, Lidgerwood ND, Cincinnati OH, Salem OR, New Providence PA, Columbia SC, Franklin TN, Ft. Worth TX, Whiting VT, Blacksburg VA, Sedro-Woolley WA, Watertown WI, Wonderful Wyoming

EICHER: Well Wyoming is wonderful, but let’s not forget the U.S. territory down in the Caribbean.

AUDIO: I’m Barrett Craig, a Navy chaplain serving with the Coast Guard in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

REICHARD: And up north, in the land of hockey.

AUDIO: Oshawa, ON, Canada. Sherwood Park, AB, Canada.

EICHER: Not just North America, but from Africa, Asia, South America, and the land down under:

AUDIO: Perth, Australia. Kobe, Japan. Burundi in East Central Africa. São José, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Seoul, South Korea. Penang, Malaysia. My name is Greg Crabill and I live in Chinhae, South Korea, where I serve as a family physician.

REICHARD: It was interesting, we heard from several of you who work in medicine: doctors, nurses, pharmacists.

AUDIO: My name is Debra Davis. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, and pharmacist from Franklin, TN. Hi! This is Stephanie Weber and I’m a registered nurse at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. My name is Nathan Stevens and I am an ophthalmologist. I’m Greg Bourgeois, a physician in Birmingham, AL. My name is Levi Ellison and I’m a newlywed pharmacist from Mena, AR. My name is Melvyn Michaelian. I’m a retired general surgeon and live in Fallbrook, CA. This is Libet Garber, a biomedical scientist and engineer from Elridge, MD. I’m Christina Griffith and after graduating my third and last homeschooled child this past May, I will graduate from nursing school next May.

EICHER: Yeah, we heard from lots and lots of homeschoolers: the teachers and the students.

AUDIO: Abby Hess, Kimberly Millhouse, Cindy Raquet, Toby Smith, Laurel Wike.

REICHARD: Education certainly was a top profession among our pre-roll voices.

AUDIO: I teach piano. I work at Morningstar Academy as the headmaster. I’m a Christian school music and elementary Spanish teacher. I work at Wilmington Christian School. I’m a middle-school teacher. I teach middle-school drama and direct upper-school theatre in Asheville, North Carolina. I work at Pine Tree Middle SchoolI work as a first-grade teacher in North Raleigh Christian Academy. I teach at the United States Air Force Academy.

EICHER: And we’re grateful for those among us who served or currently serve in the military — or are serving in a variety of related capacities.

AUDIO: I am a military officer serving in Qatar. I’m a retired vice admiral for the U.S. Coast Guard. I’m a stay-at-home mom and a military wife currently living in Fort Rucker, AL. I’m recently retired from the MS Air National Guard. I serve as a helicopter pilot in the Alabama Army National Guard. I am a wife, a stay-at-home mom (most of the time), and an Air Force Reservist. I work with the U.S. Navy. I work as a project manager for the largest defense contractor in the world.

EICHER: No surprise, Mary, as well-appreciated as is your work in preparing Legal Docket each week, that we heard from a number of people working in the legal profession.

AUDIO: Kyle Bryant, Jordan Quinley, Vanessa Quinoñes, I’m Nathan Spencer.

REICHARD: And a good many of you shepherd a flock.

AUDIO: Hi, this is J.D. Greear. I’m Nate Oliver. Aaron Hoak. Greg Denney. Brett Cody. John Boquist, honored to serve as a pastor.

EICHER: We heard from moms, farmers, ranchers, truck drivers, airline pilots, sales executives, engineers, architects, CPAs.

REICHARD: Even a political leader, a maker of artisan cheese, a former professional athlete, and one of the guys who makes it possible for armchair athletes to follow the games.

AUDIO: I’m a sports cameraman. I design pre-cast parking garages. I’m controller for an export company in San Francisco. A software professional from Monument, CO. I’m a CPA. I’m an artisan cheese-maker. I work as a domestic operations officer for my husband and three daughters. I’m a city councilman from Livonia, MI. I am a pilot for a major airline. I’m the founder of Golf By Numbers Yardage Books. I’m a facilities engineer from Kalamazoo, MI. I work on our family’s beef farm. I’m an environmental engineer. I work for Family Life. A project manager at Dell Technologies in Austin, TX. Hi, I’m J.D. Drew, former major-league baseball player from Hahira, GA. My name is Paul Gebel and I’m about to go for a bike ride here in Columbia, South Carolina, which is what I typically do when I listen to WORLD.

EICHER: I hope you enjoyed hearing all of those. And I promise you, before we introduce Megan Basham’s movie review for today, we will have worked in every single voice we’ve heard since we started listener pre-rolls back in July.

REICHARD: Yeah, the idea here is to inspire you to keep these coming. You’ve told us in your emails and phone calls that they’re such an encouragement. And for us, it’s a daily reminder of who we’re working for. We’ve still got a couple dozen in the pipeline, but we’ll be running 260 of these a year, so we’re always going to need a fresh supply. So please keep sending them.

EICHER: 260. That’s a lot. We go through them pretty fast.

What we’re going to do on Monday is hear pre-rolls from specific ones of you who are WORLD Movers who’ve volunteered to talk about the importance of supporting this program.

Our end-of-year giving drive is right around the corner and you’ll be hearing about that on Monday.

REICHARD: Now, though, our technical producer Carl Peetz made up a fun montage to wrap up. 

AUDIO: [Montage]

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