2018 Outtakes

JOHNNY FRANKLIN, PRODUCER: Today is Monday the 31st day of December 2018. Thank you for turning to WORLD Radio to help start your day. Good morning. I’m Johnny Franklin.

CARL PEETZ, PRODUCER: And I’m Carl Peetz. See Johnny, I knew we could do it!

FRANKLIN: Yeah, it’s pretty easy after listening to Mary and Nick day after day! (laughs) Well, coming next on The World and Everything in It: let’s call it “scenes from the cutting room floor.”

PEETZ: You know, Mary and Nick are professionals! They’ve gone to classes for this and they even warm up before hand.

FRANKLIN: Unlike us. (chuckle)

(Mary) I gotta get repositioned here. OK. (Nick) Are you getting some air? (Mary) I gotta get air, and I gotta, I do better when one leg’s on the floor. [Gargling jeopardy theme] [You gotta do your vocal exercises… ]

PEETZ, FRANKLIN: [Gargling jeopardy theme]

EICHER: That’s entirely disgusting!

PEETZ: Oh, sorry Nick. We were just…

FRANKLIN: …just realizing we have a long way to go…

PEETZ: Yeah. And when we get there… hmm. How about some flubs?

FRANKLIN: Yeah, that’s a good idea!

[Various flubs]

PEETZ: We should be on the right track then, eh?

FRANKLIN: Yeah, for sure! But as we pretend to be Nick and Mary (and we definitely have a long way to go), please note that sometimes Nick and Mary pretend to be other folks as well.

[Bush, Cal, Warren, Grant, Southern folk]

PEETZ: And with that we thank you for allowing us a few minutes of fun. It is really an honor for us to work with all those in front of the mic.

FRANKLIN: I agree! And where would they be without us? For The World and Everything in It, I’m Johnny Franklin.

PEETZ: And I’m Carl Peetz. We’re the guys that stay up late so you can hear the program bright and early!

FRANKLIN: And I think we need some more sleep…

PEETZ: You’re probably right!

(Photo/Creative Commons)

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