Kicker: Catty tenants

NICK EICHER, HOST: Roommates Tina and Louise recently moved into a sweet little studio apartment in Silicon Valley.

15-hundred a month. That’s a great deal. Rents in Silicon Valley have skyrocketed, because supply isn’t quite keeping up with demand. That’s Econ 101. A studio apartment there usually goes for about 2-grand a month.

Now, the place doesn’t have a kitchen, but that’s not a big deal for Tina and Louise. They grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of a can.

Oh, and there’s no bed. Which is also no problem for Tina and Louise.

Did I mention the tenants here are cats?

The landlord is David Callisch.

CALLISCH: Cats, you know, they don’t have opposable thumbs. You know, they don’t have attitudes — well, they have attitudes, but they don’t, you know, they don’t talk back. And they don’t know who Trump is, so it’s great. So I said, you know, why not? So we stuck ’em in and they’ve been great. They live in there, we come and see ’em, we feed ’em, we keep ’em there, and they’re just lovin’ life. They’re livin’ large.

The audio there’s from the San Jose Mercury News, which reports the cats’ owner went away to college and her dad couldn’t keep them at his place. So he’s paying Callisch to rent the cat palace.

It’s The World and Everything in It.

(David Callisch via AP) This undated photo released by David Callisch shows cats Louise, top, and Tina in San Jose, Calif. 

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