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NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Friday, January 25th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Nick Eicher.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. It’s time now for your listener feedback!

First up: a few corrections. In our coverage of the NFC Championship game this week, we said the Los Angeles Rams franchise last went to the Super Bowl in 2000. That was actually the last time the Rams won the Super Bowl.

EICHER: Yes, I remember—they were the St. Louis Rams at the time!

REICHARD: Right, so you probably put out of your mind the Super Bowl loss they had two years later.

EICHER: Mmm-hmm. To the Patriots, oddly enough.

REICHARD: But it happened, and we missed it.

EICHER: Something else we missed is one of the World Journalism Institute mid-career students who contributed to that story on urban scooters. Daniel van Oudenaren pitched in on that.

So did Laura Singleton. We mistakenly called her Laura Hendrickson.

REICHARD: And one more correction here.

EFTHIMIOU: Hi, my name is Jacob Efthimiou. I’m a classical cellist from Delhi, New York, and I currently study music at McGill University in Montreal. I’ve been a WORLD listener for over a year now, and I especially enjoyed your January 17th payment on the bass player John Patitucci. I saw him perform years ago in Oneonta, New York when I was a student at the New York Summer music festival, and he’s one of those performers that stuck in my memory. Just one quick correction. Mr. Patitucci teaches at the City College of New York. He’s also a visiting scholar at the Berklee College of Music, but that school is in Boston.

EICHER: Yes, exactly. We made the mistake of placing Berklee in New York. So, good to hear from you Jacob, and thank you.

And speaking of our listener feedback line, please keep those calls coming. We receive lots of written correspondence via email and social media. But we want to hear from you. We want to hear your voice—play it back on these segments. Our listener line is 202-709-9595.

REICHARD: Well said. This is radio after all.

Well, the feedback line is where we got this message from listener Roy Chisholm. He took issue with something Marvin Olasky said in his interview with Ann Gauger of the Discovery Institute.

CHISHOLM: I was somewhat dismayed by Marvin Olasky’s interview in the sense that it seemed to be incomplete and perhaps biased against other research. Specifically in the introduction, it mentioned Answers in Genesis and others that… base their understanding on Genesis, on the Bible, and then do scientific research to back that up. I appreciate the Discovery Institute’s work, and they assume that the world is old. There are others that I think are just as good of scientists that believe the earth is young. And that does, I believe, match up more with the Genesis account.

EICHER: Well, it probably comes as no surprise that we often get feedback when we have either old earth or young earth scientists on the program. But it’s important to note that WORLD does feature both on our various platforms.

Marvin’s comment was describing the way the two organizations go about their research. It wasn’t a judgment statement. Here at WORLD we believe both young and old earth interpretations of Genesis fall within the bounds of Christian orthodoxy.

Darwinian evolution, on the other hand, does not. That’s where we draw the line.

REICHARD: Well, as we mentioned earlier, we do get a lot of feedback via email and on our social media accounts. One listener wrote to us yesterday after hearing Myrna Brown’s report on federal workers helping each other during the government shutdown. In that story, Valerie Williams talked about how she wasn’t worried because she knows her money doesn’t come from the government—her employer—but from God. That made Debra Boelk think about Matthew 6:31 in a whole new way. She said she’s read that verse a thousand times but it became real to her in that story. And that she’s thankful for that witness to God’s providence.

EICHER: That’s incredible. Thanks, Debra, for that encouraging word.

REICHARD: Another listener emailed us with a reminder that our perspective on stories depends a lot on where we come from, and in this case, I mean that not philosophically but geographically.

What probably struck most of us as a cute animal story sounded very different to Sarah Stewart’s family. They live in Alaska. And that kicker we did on the moose wandering into the Alaska Regional Hospital? Well, her children were born at that hospital. And this is funny, the kids, when they heard about the moose showing up, well, as Sarah put it, they instantly asked a very bush-like question ‘didn’t they shoot it?’ They love moose meat.”

EICHER: Wow, moose meat! Not something I bet you’ve tried, Mary.

Well, that wraps up our listener feedback segment for January. Before we go, I do want to remind you we’re still taking more of your listener prerolls. We are going to need 260 of these a year. So, if you’d like to introduce the program, type preroll into the search box at worldandeverything-dot-org. The instructions will pop right up. And preroll is spelled just like it sounds: P-R-E-R-O-L-L. We’d love to hear from you.

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