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MARY REICHARD, HOST: Next up on The World and Everything in It: generational faith.

Lauren Green McAfee belongs to a family that became a household name in 2014. That’s when the Supreme Court ruled in the Hobby Lobby case. That’s the company her grandfather, David Green, founded. The Greens had challenged the Obamacare requirement that their company pay for abortifacient drugs for employees. They won.

NICK EICHER, HOST: Listening In host Warren Smith spoke with McAfee at this year’s Evangelicals for Life conference in Washington. Here’s an excerpt.

WARREN SMITH, HOST: What does your family do to make sure that those values that your grandfather had are transmitted to the second and third and hopefully beyond?

LAUREN MCAFEE, GUEST: Yeah, I think that one of the most important things that our family has done is to be very intentional about verbally telling the stories of what God has done and talking about the values and the convictions that we have as a family. Our family, the Green family, there are now four generations. So some of my siblings and cousins have children. And so the fourth generation is now growing up. And so we as a family have family vision, mission, and values statements that we all talk about in our daily conversations. We have a set aside time every year for what we call a family celebration where we all come together on a specific day and just look at our family vision, mission, and value statements and reaffirm this is what we believe in and all of is comes from scripture. So, we spent time in looking at God’s word and saying, what should we as a family valuing based on what scripture teaches us. And just through the intentionality of continuing to give God the credit and want to steward well what he has given us and having that mindset of wanting to steward everything that we have in light of serving the kingdom has, I feel like, really made an impact in our family.

And my grandparents are incredible individuals. They are incredibly humble and generous and they’ve just authentically lived their faith in a way that they talk about it. That’s the most important thing for them to see passed down and so they’ve put their kind of words to that and wanted to speak often about their faith. And so that has authentically transitioned through the generations. And, you know, praise God we get to serve alongside each other as a family in kingdom purposes and we pray that continues for many more generations.

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