Introduce three friends, get Podswag!

Take your podcast and your coffee to go!

You’ve spoken, we’ve listened. Overwhelmingly, you told us you want your podcast SWAG in a very specific, travel mug-shape.

So, we’re giving away these stunning travel mugs as a way of saying thanks for introducing The World and Everything in It to friends. Here’s how to qualify: Introduce three new people to the program — we think the actual configuring of a friend’s phone is the most effective method, but we’re not that picky — then visit and fill in your contact info telling us where to ship your mug.

That’s it. This is pure honor system.

Now, if you’ve taken the phones of three friends and downloaded the podcast on said phones (ahem, you gave them back, right?), then CONGRATULATIONS, you qualify already for the podswag mug. (Your friends probably owe you a steak dinner, too.) Just let us know.

If you participated in our survey last week and filled in your particulars, you’re already on our list. No need to fill this in twice; we got you.

So go forth! Spread the word, and you’ll never be at a loss for a hot beverage by your side.

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11 comments on Introduce three friends, get Podswag!

  1. Thelma Bontrager says:

    I have forwarded the program to three people this morning. Thank you for all the work you put in it. And thanks for the scripture verse at the end of most of your programs. I appreciate your work.

    1. Claire Hopple says:

      Thank you for listening and sharing the program with others! We appreciate it!

  2. Scott Carson says:

    Okay, I confess, I didn’t take their phones—I’m a pastor, that would seem a bit over the line. But I do send out a church email each week and have recommended your podcast and included the link. I also administrate a Facebook page for pastors (about 60 are on there) and again have recommended your podcast with the link…so can I get my swag? I LOVE portable coffee mugs…and I love your podcast. I listen nearly every day (though because my commute is so short, I listen at 1.5 speed).

    Thanks for being a voice of a biblical worldview and reason in a world gone mad by sin!

    Scott Carson
    Grace Church
    Burlington, WI

    1. Claire Hopple says:

      Of course you can! Just head to Thank you!

  3. Sarah Douglas says:

    Thank you for the great show you produce !! We look forward to listening in everyday. I feel sharper and informed. Its serious , fun, and a treat all in one. The whole family listens either on the way to work or school or in the kitchen.

  4. Patricia Ruser says:

    I recently shared the podcast with two of my daughters, the other two already listen and also with two friends! I continue to tell others about this great program! Excited to receive Swag that will also publicize this great news source!! Blessings!

  5. Allen Battle says:

    There was no place to enter my name and address on the next page
    Allen Battle
    6901 Enchanted Valley Dr
    Reno, NV 89523

    1. Claire Hopple says:

      Hello, Allen! Are you able to see the name and address fields on this page: ? Please let me know if you have any trouble. Thanks!

  6. I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now and y’all 😉 have been an incredible blessing to me and my husband and kids. I have my own podcast and I was sharing some of my favorite things which of course included The World and Everything In It. Here’s the link to the podcast where I share you with all my listeners.

    1. Jayne Warren says:

      I’m late to the game but during the pandemic and 2020 elections I’ve recommended this podcast to more people than ever before and some are tuning in. If the mugs aren’t even available any more, I understand. Thank you, World News Group, for honest reporting. My husband and I listen together every weekday morning.

  7. Dan Bragg says:

    I so appreciate what the World team does!! I will not miss a World and Everything in it podcast!!

    I am thankful for the excellence paired with Christian/Biblical worldview!

    I like you all, but I want to make a special mention to Meghan Bashan!! She is so insightful, kind and deep! I love her perspective on movies and TV shows (she is also an excellent anchor).

    I especially appreciated her thoughts on the recent series called Unbelievable. She was right on! I loved how they portrayed Christianity in a tough, real world.

    Armed with truth and God’s Word, may we Christians fight the fight before us with character, kindness, excellence, consistency, tenacity and never, never, give up hope! Good job Meghan and the rest of the World staff! You folks encourage me so much!!


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