Kicker: Swiping right on cattle

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Dating apps help connect romance-seekers.

One survey reports that one in five couples who marry met online.

But now there’s a matchmaking app for the bovine set.

It’s called “Tudder.” What they did is come up with a really regrettable mashup of the dating app called Tinder and put it together with cow equipment known as the udder.

Anyway, so it’s “Tudder.”

Farmers can swipe right on possible matches for their cattle.

Which takes them to a page where they can find truly pertinent info like calving potential and milk yields.

Here’s app developer Doug Bairner of Hectare Agritech:

BAIRNER: It lends itself perfectly to an app-based way of matchmaking. Much more so than human matchmaking because it’s all very objective data, rather than someone’s opinion of themselves.

Here’s to greener pastures for the likes of MooDonna, and Mooliet, two heifers looking for mates.

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One comment on “Kicker: Swiping right on cattle

  1. Sayaka says:

    Ha!!!! Matchmaking Apps! Just wait until MooDonna, and Mooliet get onto Facebook or Twitter, and have their personal data sold to anyone, just like all the other cattle that use these social media websites.

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