Kicker: Cash on the bumper

NICK EICHER, HOST: Maybe this has happened to you before.

You reach for that cup of coffee that’s supposed to be in your car’s cup holder.

But then you realize you left it sitting on top of the car.

REICHARD: Sickening feeling.

EICHER: Most of us have left something sitting on the roof of our cars at some point. I’ve done this. Coffee cup. One time, a wallet and cell phone.

But what happened last week to a man in Michigan has got to be a first.

He spilled $30,000. In cash.

REICHARD: Even more sickening.

EICHER: All over U.S. Hwy. 31 in Grand Haven.

Sadly, people driving behind him pulled over and scooped up as much cash as they could stuff into their pockets.

Evidently, he forgot the cash was on the bumper of his truck as he drove off.

REICHARD: Forgot? 30-grand in cash?

EICHER: Police no doubt inquired about that, but they’re not saying. They didn’t identify the owner. They didn’t say why he had so much cash in a cardboard box. No reference to the forgetfulness, either.

What they are doing is appealing to the public: Please give it back, no questions asked.

Some of the money had begun to trickle in over the weekend as people did the right thing and returned money. Police are commending them for their honesty and asking others to show mercy and go and do likewise.  

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