Kicker: Toddlers and iPads

NICK EICHER, HOST: We’re journalists and we can’t resist coming up with categories. So we’ll file this one under “Reasons You Shouldn’t Leave Your 3-Year-Old Alone with Your iPad.”

Evan Osnos is a writer for The New Yorker magazine. His toddler thought it’d be fun to play with dad’s iPad. Again and again and again. Several, several times.

Now, there’s a consequence to that and it’s not just sticky fingerprints.

When you type in the wrong passcode to an iPad, it locks, and first time, you get a message that says try again in 30 seconds. But the more you try and the more you fail,  the greater the consequence.

And I mean, greater.

Osnos posted a picture on social media of what he saw when retrieved the iPad. He found a lockout message that read “Try again in 25,536,442 minutes.”

Now we did the math ahead of time here: that’s almost a half-century!

Osnos didn’t put up this picture just for laughs. He was looking for ideas about what to do! At least one witty reply came in: “Put it in a museum. Forty-seven years from now, someone can unlock it to see what computing used to be like.”

Well, my advice is gonna be tough but to the point: Hard reset!

REICHARD: And lose all his work. Yikes!

EICHER: Gotta back it all up to the iCloud!

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