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NICK EICHER, HOST: Next up on The World and Everything in It: finding faith in Tinseltown.

DeVon Franklin has found success as a Hollywood producer despite his outspoken Christian faith. He started his studio career at MGM and went on to work for Columbia Pictures. There he helped produce films like The Pursuit of Happyness and the remake of the musical Annie. He’s also worked on several faith-based films.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Franklin has also written several best-selling books, including one in which he describes how he built his career without compromising his faith. On this week’s Listening In, host Warren Smith talks to Franklin about thriving in an often hostile industry. Let’s listen to a bit of their conversation.

WARREN SMITH: Is this a good time for Christians to be making movies, a good time for Christians to be in Hollywood? Or is it a tough time? Or is it both?

DEVON FRANKLIN: You know, I can only speak from my experience and I think that being Christian in Hollywood is great. From the moment I set foot in Hollywood, 22 years ago, I have always been open about my beliefs and I’ve always, there’s always been a place here. And oddly enough, you know, Hollywood and on some level has been more embracing than certain areas of the church. And I have experienced in Hollywood that when you are authentic, organic and you also put in the work that there is a place for you. I think that sometimes where, you know, Christians can experience challenges, from my experience, have been when there isn’t always the same commitment to their faith that there is to the work. And so I think when you put the same commitment to the work that you put to our faith, we can find success. No matter how many doors may close, there’s going to be a door that’s open. And so I do think today and now a good time to be Christian in Hollywood.

And I think that’s going to mean something for everybody, different for everyone that is Christian in Hollywood. But I think it’s a great time, and there’s tremendous opportunity, for sure.

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