Kicker: 46 million mistakes

NICK EICHER, HOST: Each of us, no doubt, has goofed up and turned in a paper with a spelling mistake. But don’t sweat that. Because you probably didn’t make this kind of mistake:

The Reserve Bank of Australia committed a doozy!

The bank recently turned out stacks upon stacks of paper money with a misspelled word.

I mean stacks: 46-million copies of the misspelling!

The central bank printed 50 dollar notes with a new design. On the back in very small print was the text of speech excerpt by the first woman ever to serve in Australia’s parliament. I’m talking small print. It’s about 20 lines of tiny text roughly the surface area of the likeness of Edith Cowan’s ear. I don’t even know how you see it.

But it’s there, right there on the Fifty, and it reads “It is a great responsibilty.”

Yeah, the letter “i” is missing.

Frankly, they could’ve just gone with it, as a play on words: response-uh-BILL-tee. Get it, $50 bill?

The central bank told reporters that it is aware of the misspelling and it “will be corrected at the next print run.”

Numismatists are going to be clamoring for one of these uncorrected ones.

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(Photo/Dylan Coker, EPA via Shutterstock)

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