Listening In preview: Justin Reeder

NICK EICHER, HOST: Next up on The World and Everything in It: an excerpt from Listening In. This week, a conversation with pro-life activist Justin Reeder.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Reeder aims to change the culture of the pro-life movement and he explains why he’s hopeful that the fight for life can be won.

WARREN SMITH: You’ve been full time, active ministry, in the prolife movement for at least the last four years. That, you know, that you’ve been doing Love Life. Um, have you seen a change? Are you more hopeful? Are you less hopeful?

JUSTIN REEDER: Yeah, I’m very hopeful. I’m very encouraged by, you know, not only what we’re seeing here locally, but nationally. I mean this thing is being talked about more than what I can remember as far as abortion goes. Just nationwide. It’s, I think a lot of things are being exposed, which is good and they need it need to be. The young is caught fire on this thing. We have a Youth for Life prayer walk coming up, where we’ll have a couple of thousand young people out there leading the prayer wall completely from top to bottom: the worship leaders, the speakers, the prayer warriors. Um, and so this generation is really taking this and running with it.

SMITH: Even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, one of the things that we’re seeing is that certain States are doubling down on abortion like New York. Other States like Georgia are passing heartbeat laws. And that’s a really, really good thing. But, um, overturning Roe v. Wade can’t be the end game through the pro-life movement. And it sounds to me that that’s really what you’re all about as well.

REEDER: Yeah, absolutely. We want to see a culture shift. That’s really what we’re after. That’s the been the mission of Love Life from the very beginning where people stop running to abortion clinics for the answer and they start running to the local church. That’s the shift that we want to see. Not only, you know, with abortion, but also for the orphans that exists in our city, not just the orphans in the womb. Also the orphans outside of the womb, and God has called the church to care for him. We’re the greatest on the face of the planet. Rick Warren said this once, that, “there are more people in a church on Sunday morning here in America on one Sunday morning, than go to every professional sporting event in the nation over the course of a year.” One Sunday morning, we have more attendance, we can win this thing if we start opening our mouths and we put our feet to our convictions.

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