Kicker: One tough grandma

NICK EICHER, HOST: An intruder in Rochester, New York picked the wrong house to break into. 

Inside that wrong house was Willie Murphy, 82 years old, a grandma. 

She was home alone when a guy pounded on her door, claiming to need an ambulance. Of course, he didn’t really need it, but shortly after he kicked her door down, he would need it. I’ll give you the details in a minute.

You see, Murphy was no easy target. 

As she explained to WHAM TV…

MURPHY: I’m alone and I’m old, but guess what, I’m tough.

Tough doesn’t quite capture it. Too small a word for the toughness that is Willie Murphy.

She’s a bodybuilder. While she’s only 5 feet tall and weighs just over a hundred pounds—she can still deadlift 225 pounds! 

And she was ready to defend herself. When she saw the intruder, she grabbed the closest object, a small table.

MURPHY: And it had metal legs, and I’m juking him, juking him, juking him. And when he’s down, I’m jumping on him – umph, umph!


Good for her. Police thought so, too. They posed for a picture with Murphy and posted it to the Rochester Police Twitter account—calling Murphy “tough as nails”!

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(13 WHAM-TV via AP) This photo, provided by 13 WHAM-TV on Monday Nov. 25, 2019, shows Willie Murphy, 82, as she lifts weights at a gym in Rochester, N.Y. 

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