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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, November 8th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

NICK EICHER, HOST: I’m Nick Eicher.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. It’s time now for your listener feedback!

EICHER: Alright, let’s jump right in with a few corrections. 

I’ll start with the misidentification of an interviewee. About a month ago, we referred to Alberto Fernandez as the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria. That’s not right. He was a diplomat in Syria. And also was a U.S ambassador, but it was to the nation of Equatorial Guinea.

REICHARD: I was the one who said that, and while I’m on a roll here, on Monday’s Legal Docket, I said Paul Clement sounded like Jimmy Stewart, but it was actually Malcolm Stewart speaking. Too bad, because the real name fit the comparison better! 

BASHAM: Yeah, and I’ve got one, too. I referred to Martyn Lloyd-Jones as a Scottish pastor, but several listeners pointed out he was actually a Welsh pastor.

REICHARD: Smart listeners!

EICHER: And for our last correction, …I’ll do my best impression of Rod Serling …well, let’s just let the master host say it himself: 

“Submitted for your approval, one Max Phillips, who is soon to discover that man is not as wise as he thinks. Said lesson to be learned, in the Twilight Zone.

… This is Dan Beatty calling from Huntsville, Alabama. Been a long time since I’ve called, but I haven’t missed you guys listen up as often as I can. I’ll see you in Nashville, too. 

And just a small thing. But Paul Butler made me smile and laugh this morning. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, you may indeed have a silvery voice, but Mr. Sterling was never the host of The Twilight Zone. Love what y’all do. See you in Nashville.

EICHER: Well, two good points there. First, he’s right, Rod Serling was host of The Twilight Zone. I knew that. And second, come along with Dan and see us in Nashville on November 21st! 

REICHARD: Yeah, tickets are free, but you need to reserve your seat because space is limited. Go to worldandeverything-dot-org, hover over the engage tab, and click “events” from the dropdown menu. You’ll find all the details there. 

BASHAM: Yeah, really looking forward to seeing everyone there! Well, next up, we have an email from Scott Cottrill. He said he appreciated Al Mohler’s message on complementarianism, but Scott thought he didn’t take it far enough. In his opinion, “it’s the doctrine of patriarchy [in the evangelical church] that has led to abuse of women.” And he says he thinks that’s happened because of teaching that claims men are “more equal” than women, which has led to male domination in some Christian circles. 

EICHER: And now back to our listener feedback line. Mark Putney is a cattle rancher and farmer in northeast Iowa. He called in to take issue with a statement in our recent story about the trend of meatless burgers.

One of the people that were being interviewed talked about how going to vegan is better for the environment, and there’s just a lot of misinformation out there regarding that. Cattle are actually really really good environmentally friendly conservation tool that God has provided. … Obviously we are very concerned about the environment. It is God’s land that we get the steward for the time that we have on this Earth. And so, we take that very seriously. And I don’t think that there’s a cattle producer out there that that would say that they want to destroy their land.

EICHER: Well, Mark, you weren’t alone in calling or writing about that. The source in our story was explaining why meat alternatives have become so trendy. Concern about the environment was just one issue she mentioned. But it certainly was the most controversial. And we probably shouldn’t have let it go unchallenged.

REICHARD: But, hey, that gives us the opportunity for another story!

BASHAM: That’s right! 

OK, next we have a call from listener Paul Clark from Greer, South Carolina. He called in after hearing our segment on false accusations of racism at a Christian school in Virginia.

I would say after my time alone with the Lord in the morning, my highlight of the day is getting to listen to The World and Everything broadcast every morning on my way into work. Really appreciate the balance that you all bring to a Christian worldview and especially against the the noise that we get in the the regular media out. And no better example, I think than the interview that I heard Nick and Mary do on Friday of this past week with Jesse Johnson from Immanuel Bible Church. Such a terrible story. But what a beautiful biblical balance of forgiveness and grace and truth. And so I just really want to thank you and the team for never stopping speaking the truth in love for us.

REICHARD: And here’s a tweet from listener Brooke Medina. I remember meeting her at our Raleigh event back in the Spring! She said:

In a time when ABC, NBC, and New York Times give us many reasons to question their trustworthiness, World News Group provides reliable, reputable news. And I highly recommend their half hour morning podcast.

EICHER: Before we go, I’d also like to read an iTunes review for The Olasky Interview. This one says the program features “interviews with real people” who have “humble attitudes despite their impressive credentials.” 

And specifically this reviewer points to the interview with author Min Jin Lee as a favorite and says it “prompted me to listen to her book,” which was “excellent.” 

BASHAM: Yeah, and remember all those Season 1 episodes are still available, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out. And do that soon, because we have more on the way! We’re working on Season 2 now. That’ll release in 2020. 

REICHARD: Now if you’d like to get in touch with us, you can email feedback-at-worldandeverything-dot-com. Or you can call our listener feedback line at 202-709-9595.

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