Effective Compassion: Meet the newest WORLD podcast

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Next up on The World and Everything in ItAn exciting program announcement.

NICK EICHER, HOST: You know that we are in our December Giving Drive. 

We need to raise funds to support our operation, but also to invest in new ideas. I want to tell you about an idea that your past giving has made possible for us, and that’s the launch of a new podcast called “Effective Compassion.” 

WORLD’s Paul Butler is host and producer of that program. Paul, tell us about it.

PAUL BUTLER: “Effective Compassion” is a stand alone podcast that explores the history of American poverty fighting—by the church, non-profits, and government agencies. But it’s not a dry look at the past. We just finished one episode where Marvin enters a homeless shelter to see what it’s like. We also spend a lot of time wrestling with very contemporary problems. I think it’s compelling storytelling.

REICHARD: Paul, I think this is some of the best audio content we’ve ever produced here. Lots of vivid storytelling, historic audio, great original reporting, and really excellent writing.

BUTLER: Thanks. Our episodes are based on Marvin Olasky’s book: The Tragedy of American Compassion. More than a year ago, Marvin and Susan began writing this series, and they’ve done an amazing job making that material come alive in a dynamic way.   

And anyone who’s listened to The World and Everything in It is also familiar with Anna Johnasen. Throughout the season, she brings us to the streets and finds wonderful stories to illustrate what works, and what doesn’t work.

EICHER: Now, we’re going to place the trailer for Effective Compassion into your podcast feed for The World and Everything in It later on this afternoon, so that you can hear it for yourself. Even the trailer is fun to listen to.

Also on Saturday, we don’t release The World and Everything in It on the weekends, but we will use Saturday to release a sneak preview for you of the first episode of Effective Compassion. Runs about 20 minutes. That’ll be your chance to hear the great programming you’ll enjoy in Season 1. 

We’ll release the program in its own feed in January, once Apple has approved the new feed, episodes 1 and 2, and each week for 10 weeks, we’ll release a new episode of Effective Compassion.

That’s just an example of what your giving to WORLD makes possible. You’re making it possible for us to continue doing the work you’ve come to count on us for, but also launch important new projects like this.

REICHARD: Oh, I can’t wait. And while we’re on the subject, we’re about 30 percent of the way toward our goal, and we hope you’ll consider giving to our December Giving Drive. Safe, secure, easy to donate online right now at wng.org/donate.

EICHER: Wng.org/donate. Paul, thank you, and congratulations to you and your team on a job very well done.

BUTLER: Thank you so much.

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4 comments on Effective Compassion: Meet the newest WORLD podcast

  1. Roger Burton says:

    I’m not able to find or subscribe to Effective Compassion podcast on Stitcher. Using Google search I can find it on apple and a couple of others but not Stitcher.
    Can you help or let me know when it’s available? I’ll keep searching every day.
    Thanks and may God bless you good folk at World.

  2. Ann Chojnacki says:

    I love your vision.

  3. Jenny Spena says:

    The App Store on my phone does not seem to have effective Compassion listed when I hit search. I do have an iPhone and have the world and everything in it and effective compassion on my Podcasts but I was going to show it to someone else and how they could go to the App Store and I couldn’t see it there.

    1. J.C. Derrick says:

      Hi, Jenny: Thanks for listening and for recommending the program! Effective Compassion isn’t an app, simply a program that you can listen to on a podcast app. So to find it you’ll want to have your friend search in the Podcasts app on their phone. If they have an Android device, they can search for it on Stitcher or Google Play. It’ll pop right up.

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