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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, December 20th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. It’s time now for your listener feedback.

We’ll start as we always do by making a few corrections: 

First, we made two errors related to a recent story about Puerto Ricans moving to Florida. As we told the story, we referred to them as “leaving for the United States,” and we did not say “continental United States,” so we left a wrong implication. Puerto Rico, of course, is a part of the United States, just not the U.S. mainland.

But to make it even worse, we referred to the travelers to Florida as immigrants. They are not immigrants. They are Americans.

BASHAM: Another regrettable error in terminology: This correction concerns a story about some Navy Seals, and in a subsequent reference we said “soldiers.” They are, of course, sailors.

And yesterday, we wrongly said that the Texas legislature would not meet again until December 2021. That is not right. The next biennial session, the 87th Texas legislature, opens its next term on January 12th, 2021.

EICHER: And finally, we mis-identified the writer of an Advent hymn we featured earlier this month. I’ll let listener Troy Bassett from Rochester, New York, make the correction for us.

AUDIO: I’m a long time listener of the podcast, and I love what you guys do. Being a lifelong Free Methodist and a musician, I immediately noticed that John Wesley was given credit for writing the song “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.” Actually, it’s the other Wesley. John Wesley was the preacher, and his brother Charles Wesley was the hymn writer who wrote that particular song. Again, I love the podcast. Keep up the great work and have a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you, too. 

I should note here that Troy was not the only one to notice our Wesley mix-up. But we appreciate your calling and leaving your comments. This is a podcast, after all, and we love to hear your voices!

BASHAM: That we do! But we also enjoy reading your tweets, emails, and comments from the website. Listener Robert Rayburn emailed us about a recent Culture Friday discussion of Advent. He noted we mentioned fasting, reflection, and preparation. But, he said that these left a somber tone, leaving out the joy, celebrating, eager anticipation, ebullience that should also be the hallmark of the season and are the focus of many of the [Christmas] carols we sing.

EICHER: And finally, we have one more listener comment to share with you. This one’s from Marie Jeffries. She used her phone to record her reaction to Bonnie Pritchett’s piece about turning living rooms into concert halls.

AUDIO: As the wife of an avid sports enthusiast and a mom to six equally avid sports-loving young men, you can imagine how many sporting events we attend each season. Therefore, I feel it is my job to balance our family’s arts experiences with rich cultural events such as this. So thank you, Ms. Bonnie Pritchett for bringing this very intriguing human interest story to WORLD listeners. This, among a multitude of others, is why we choose to be WORLD Movers each year. With WORLD’s mission to inform, educate, inspire—and even entertain—with Biblically sound journalism. That’s what keeps us coming back each day.

That’s so encouraging to hear. We’ve surpassed the 40 percent mark in our December Giving Drive, and yeah, I’m guilty of hitting the refresh button a little obsessively at, just to check the progress bar.

BASHAM: Yeah, me too!

EICHER: It really is important. Maybe you heard yesterday, we introduced our new standalone podcast “Effective Compassion.” We put the trailer in your podcast feed yesterday afternoon, and I was thrilled to see a good number of listeners downloaded it. 

But what I want to say is, listener support is what makes this program possible: we need to pay journalists, we need to buy airline tickets, we need microphones, recorders, cables, editing equipment there’s just a lot that goes into it. And because we have donors who give generously, we’re able to launch new projects like “Effective Compassion.” 

And I’ll remind you, check your podcast feed tomorrow, Saturday, because we’re going to release a sneak preview, the very first episode of “Effective Compassion.” I’m really proud of the work of Marvin and Susan Olasky, and Paul Butler, and Anna Johansen, and I think you’ll be proud of it, too, as a WORLD Mover, because that’s another example of the kind of work that your support makes possible.

BASHAM: If you count today, we’ve got 12 more days before year-end, and we’re not yet halfway to our December Giving Drive goal. So I hope you’ll head over to and make a gift today.

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