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NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Friday, January 31st. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Nick Eicher.

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: And I’m Megan Basham. Next up: your listener feedback!

But before we get started we have a few corrections to make. Let’s begin with public officials. We mistakenly told you that Ken Paxton was lieutenant governor of Texas. But he’s not. He’s attorney general of Texas.

EICHER: Well, staying with Texas corrections, you also heard from one of our guests that Iran is the size of Alaska and Texas put together. Actually, we should remove Texas from the comparison. Iran is about the size of Alaska by itself.

BASHAM: We also described the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico as “tremblors.” The word we meant to use is “temblors.”

EICHER: On to your listener feedback now. And we’ll start with a topic that generated quite a few comments and emails. It was our conversation with pastor and Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear. Lauri Green was one of the listeners who appreciates pastor Greear’s position on “pronoun hospitality.” 

She emailed us to share her experience during a recent conversation with a family member who identifies as transgender.

In that instant I chose to allow the conversation to continue and be pronoun hospitable, hoping and praying that seeds were being planted. It’s not easy to navigate the craziness we find in our culture today. But as believers, I am confident that the Lord will give us wisdom when we find ourselves in such circumstances.

BASHAM: Of course, not everyone agreed. Diana Griffith emailed to say she took issue with pastor Greear when he said “when in doubt, Christians should err on the side of truth.” 

That is an incredible statement … [she said] … Here I was all my life thinking I as a Christian should walk in truth, not err on the side of truth.

EICHER: Well, whether you agreed with pastor Greear’s position or not, many of you emailed or posted on social media your appreciation for the pastor’s appearance on the program.

Jason Woodard tweeted:

So refreshing to hear an interviewer asking difficult questions in a respectful manner to get to the truth. 

BASHAM: Well, that’s the goal. We don’t always get it, but that’s what we’re aiming for, so thank you for all of your tweets, comments, and emails. We appreciate hearing from you however you choose to send your feedback. Of course, this is a podcast, so we especially like it when we can hear from you. 

EICHER: Right, and just a reminder, you can call our listener feedback line or record your comments in a voice memo using your smartphone and email them to us.

Which is exactly what listener Billy Newman did.

NEWMAN: I just wanted to thank you for the segment, the interview on January 7th with George Friedman about the Iran situation. It was just loaded with insight on what’s going on in the world. I just want to say I haven’t gotten news like that anywhere else.

Now, before we go, I just want to give a special thanks to all of you who have taken the time to rate and review The World and Everything in It on iTunes. We have a five-star rating from 2,500 of you—and counting.

BASHAM: And the reviews you leave are so encouraging to the whole team. Here’s one of my favorites from earlier this week. It’s from Steve in Conifer.

My wife and I use it every day to stay informed, and to become aware of brand new issues and insights we’ve never considered. I regularly save stories for my kids to listen to as well.

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