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NICK EICHER, HOST: If you say there’s no God, don’t bother trying to persuade Jeremiah Cribb to atheism!

And here’s a big reason why: Neither he nor emergency responders have any earthy explanation for what happened last Wednesday along a major interstate in North Carolina. 

Rescuers found him lying in a muddy bank after falling 75 feet from a bridge. That’s roughly equivalent to falling from a 6-story building—mortality rate, approaching 90 percent.

So by the numbers, you’re not likely to survive. But Cribb did. He stood to his feet as his rescuers fastened a harness around him. 

Salisbury Fire Battalion Chief Nicholas Martin…

MARTIN: It’s entirely miraculous. We would not anticipate that the outcome from such a fall would be so positive.

It happened along Interstate 85 in the darkness of night. Cribb is a FedEx driver. He and his partner, pulled over to help a stranded motorist. 

Firefighter Jacob Vodochodsky explained that’s when Cribb stepped out of his truck. He saw a speeding vehicle heading straight for him. He thought the car was going to hit him, so he jumped over a concrete barrier.

VODOCHODSKY: He thought that he was jumping into a grass median, that it was the same height, and realized of course that it was not, and fell 75 feet to the position where we found him.

Cribb suffered a collapsed lung and three fractured ribs, but doctors said he’d likely return home in a matter of days.  

Cribb said after the fall, “I was not supposed to get up. I just thank God I’m alive.”

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