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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, February 28th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. It’s time now for our February edition of listener feedback! And, boy, do we have a lot to get to today.

BASHAM: We sure do. And here to help us do that is managing editor J.C. Derrick. Morning, J.C.!

DERRICK: Good morning! We do have a lot, so let’s dive straight in with a couple corrections. 

First, in a piece about Chinese influence in the United States, we mentioned a 75-year remembrance for the Tiananmen Square massacre. Obviously, we meant 25 years there. 

Also, on the newscast we said an American woman who tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus disembarked from the Diamond Princess in Cambodia. She was actually on a different cruise ship.

BASHAM: OK, first up, we have listener Lisa Kendall. She recorded her feedback on her smartphone after hearing last week’s Culture Friday conversation about traditional families versus forged families.

KENDALL: One of the things I would have added is that we have a forged family in Christ: the church. Especially small, local bodies can meet needs and help support families and help them stay together when times are hard.

EICHER: Good point, Lisa. And by the way, thanks for recording on your iPhone and sending us that audio. Sounds good. 

Now, Megan, here’s one for you. It’s from Leta Powell in Cedar Crest, New Mexico:

POWELL: I would just like to thank Megan Basham for her piece, “God’s decade challenge.” I was listening normally as I do during the day and it just caught me off-guard how she was speaking so many things that I had felt about the New Year. And so I listened again, and I sent it to a couple of my friends. And I just wanted to thank her for that piece because it really spoke to me.

BASHAM: Aww, thank you, Leta! Nice to know I’m not alone. 

DERRICK: You’re definitely not. I think a lot of people probably resonated with that commentary. 

Next up, our friend Robert Mineo called in with some great feedback about the accents he hears on the program. Listen to this:

MINEO: First thing, as a New Yorker, I just want to really thank you for bringing nice accents into your program. For example, Sarah Schweinsberg often says “federal” and “roof.” And Onize Ohikere just recently said “jihadist.” So from a person who says “water” and “coffee,” I think it’s great to hear that…


DERRICK: That’s awesome! And not an accident. We do strive to include a diverse set of voices. Sarah is from South Dakota, Onize’s from Africa, and we’ve got several Southern accents. And how can you not love Les Sillars’ Canadian brogue? 

EICHER: Yeah, I love that. And speaking of Southern voices, we heard from listener Dan Beaty in Huntsville, Alabama. He called to tell us about a problem quite a few of you had earlier this month. He listens to the program on both Google Play and Stitcher. And as those of you who also use those platforms know, we had a connection issue and new episodes weren’t showing up like they’re supposed to.

BEATY: I’m missing my WORLD podcast! Let us know what’s happening. Or where else can get it. Please don’t tell me the only place I can get it is from the fruit-flavored place. That’s way too expensive for me. I can’t do “i” anything.

BASHAM: Well, Dan, rest assured, there are many different places you can listen to the program. There’s actually more than we can keep up with. 

Just in the last month Pandora began carrying the program. But there’s a lot of them out there. So yesterday we posted a list of the podcast platforms we support. Just go to, and you can check that out. 

DERRICK: Yeah, we are actually establishing relationships with each one of those dozen platforms, so that anytime there’s a technical glitch, we have someone to go to. And that post also tells you where else to look if your provider is having an issue. It’s at Posted yesterday. 

And don’t forget to subscribe to WORLD’s newest podcast, Effective Compassion. Here’s what one listener had to say in one of the many 5-star reviews the show has on iTunes:

I find it so difficult to know how to help others effectively and efficiently. Thank you for causing us to think about these issues with a view to actually helping others.

EICHER: OK, and we received a call from Southern Indiana, Kevin Shelley.

SHELLEY: This really has nothing to do with your radio program has to do with your magazine. What have you guys done to it? I don’t know what you guys were thinking, but you spent way too much money to ruin a perfectly good magazine. Have a good day. Bye.

EICHER: Well, listen. My experience has been with magazine redesigns, you typically hear more negatives than you do positives, and we did receive some really sincere positives. But the substantive criticisms we’ve received, we will address, and they boil down to readability in a few places in the front of the magazine. We’ll fix them. We’re very responsive to our magazine readers.

All that said, let me remind you today’s the last day to get WORLD Magazine for friends or for yourself, for two months free. We’ve had a lot of takers, and we’ll be taking down the offer tomorrow. So if you’d like to see, haha, what all the fuss is about, kidding, if you think you’d enjoy sound journalism, grounded in God’s word, head over to get-world-now-dot-org for the details. You can refer friends, you can refer yourself. Just give us a look: get-world-now-dot-org

And that’s today’s Listener Feedback.

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