Day: March 27, 2020

Friday morning news – March 27, 2020

House set to approve relief bill as unemployment soars » Lawmakers in the House are expected to send the Senate’s $2 trillion economic rescue package to the president’s desk today. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday… 

Culture Friday – Essential healthcare?

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: It’s Friday the 27th of March, 2020. Glad to have you along for today’s edition of The World and Everything in It. Good morning, I’m Megan Basham. MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. First up: Culture Friday.

Kicker – Balcony marathon

MARY REICHARD, HOST: When there’s a will, there’s a way, as we say. 

Review – The Pilgrim’s Progress

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Today is Friday, March 27th. You’re listening to WORLD Radio and we’re so glad you are! Good morning. I’m Mary Reichard. MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: And I’m Megan Basham.

Listener Feedback

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, March 27th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m  Megan Basham. MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. And it’s time for your listener feedback! And for that, our managing editor J.C. Derrick is here. Hi, J.C.!

Listening In — Richard Land, Mark Gregston, and James Gottry

WARREN SMITH, HOST: I’m Warren Smith, and today you’ll listening in on my conversation with three men who have some wise words regarding the family and how we should conduct ourselves during perilous times. My guests today are Mark Gregston of Parenting Today’s Teens, and James Gottry, with the James Dobson Family Institute. But we...