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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, March 27th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m  Megan Basham.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. And it’s time for your listener feedback! And for that, our managing editor J.C. Derrick is here. Hi, J.C.!

J.C. DERRICK, MANAGING EDITOR: Hey, there, Mary and Megan! Good to be with you in these, uh, interesting times. And because things are so uncertain right now, we’ve had some listeners say they’re glad we’re still here. Here’s Scott Roberts from Walnut Shade, Missouri:

ROBERTS: I just want to say thank you to all the team at The World and Everything in It for all your hard work and ask that you do everything you can to continue to provide the news on a daily basis. With all that’s going on around us, it’s just wonderful to have something that’s normal. And having your podcast every morning is a great way to be reminded that God’s still on the throne. Thanks for all your work. Blessings. Bye!

BASHAM: Here’s another email to the same effect. Listener Ann Tippins in Atlanta writes:

In times like these, I appreciate WORLD more than ever—a trustworthy source of information and counsel in a time when the “what ifs” abound. Thanks to ALL of you!

REICHARD: Aww, well, thank you for listening, Ann. 

Next, listener Adrienne Disalvo left a message asking for the name of the book J.C. talked about in his recent commentary. Well, Adrienne, that was J-Curve, by Paul Miller. 

DERRICK: Yes, and while we’re on the subject, that commentary drew a lengthy critique at I won’t read all of Derek Brown’s comment, but it boils down to this: Derek makes the point that, theologically speaking, union with Christ is something that happens once—at conversion. Communion with Christ is really the more accurate term for what I was describing. 

And this matters because conflating these terms could lead someone to believe you can somehow earn salvation. Obviously that’s not the case, so I appreciate Derek for raising this important point. 

BASHAM: OK, turning now to our listener feedback line at 202-709-9595. Leigh Taylor from Dade City, Florida, called in to tell us how much she loves the series of stories we call, What Do People Do All Day?

TAYLOR: Let me tell you, I love this so much, so much that I can tell you the ones you’ve done. I remember the brothers who did the egg farming and the lady with the food truck that went around with her coffee to the car dealerships. I love her. And the lady who manages traffic on the waterways and how stressful and weird that was that someone was monitoring the boats. I mean, I never thought about that before and now today with the lady that monitors avalanches. Oh my goodness. These stories are fantastic. 

So, please keep doing them. Please just for me. I love you guys. And will you please tell Kim Henderson I love her, too. I mean really love her. Like a lot.

REICHARD: Aww, lots of love there! Thank you, Leigh, for listening and for those words of encouragement. That’s great to hear. 

DERRICK: Yes, and that wasn’t the only hat-tip for Kim. Listener Jane Craig emailed to “commend the excellent work of Myrna Brown and Kim Henderson.” She says they both have a “wonderful way of drawing you in” to their stories “to the point you feel you’re sitting right beside them.” 

And Jane finishes saying, “Thank you for regularly featuring their heartfelt stories that point to Christ and His power to transform in difficult circumstances.” 

BASHAM: Here, here! We are grateful for those ladies’ contributions. 

REICHARD: And here we have some gratitude for Paul Butler. This email came from Naomi Gardner, who listens in Petoskey, Michigan. She was one of several listeners who wrote to thank Paul for his story about Anderson Design Group in Nashville, Tennessee. That’s the company that creates many of those posters and postcards you see for sale at National Parks.

BASHAM: Naomi says she and her sister bought a set of National Parks postcards to split between them. And for the last year and a half they’ve been sending them back and forth to each other. When she heard Paul’s story, she ran to find the last card sitting on her desk. She writes:

Sure enough! There on the front it says “Anderson Design Group.” I couldn’t have been more excited to make this connection! Thank you for sharing these encouraging stories about Christians in business and the impact they have on their community and around the world!

DERRICK: Next we have a call from Diane Ippolito from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

IPPOLITO: I was really disappointed in your story on the 19th of March about the people who defied the gathering ban for the livestock show in Texas and had a huge gathering of people. That just is so against, we were told to preserve life, and the show was banned to help preserve life. And these people were celebrated for going against that. So I felt like that was a poor choice of story.

REICHARD: On the other hand, listener Carol Listhartke said Bonnie’s story was—quote—“SOOOOO uplifting! Thank you so much for letting us know about it. God BLESS WORLD Radio and WORLD Magazine, and bless these folks for doing what they did.”

BASHAM: Now here’s a tongue-in-cheek request from Scot, who commented at about a kicker earlier this week. It was the one about the sportscaster doing play-by-play on everyday life. 

Scot said—quoting now—“Please don’t do stories like that anymore. After my lunch I just ‘wasted’ a LOT of time looking through all of those very funny video clips. Great stuff. Stop it.” 

DERRICK: [laughter] Oh, me too! It’s hard to stop watching those things. 

And since we’re on the subject, seems like we should play one more? 

BASHAM: Absolutely!

HEATH: [Sound of shopper]


DERRICK: Nick Heath for the win!

REICHARD: We can’t top that. That’s this month’s listener feedback.

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