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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, April 24th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Next up, your listener feedback.

And can I just say, we got a lot of it over the last month! Many, many of you sent us emails or audio recordings or called in to our listener feedback line. And we really appreciate it!

BASHAM: We do. And as you might expect, many of you had comments related to our coronavirus coverage. Listener Lisa Kendall recorded her message on the voice memo app on her smartphone.

KENDALL: It’s so wonderful to have something normal in this weird time. And you guys do great work. It is precious to hear the news of the day with an eternal perspective. Thanks again for all you do to bring light and truth to difficult issues.

As they say at Chick-fil-A, our pleasure. 

EICHER: Jen Letowski listens in Matthews, North Carolina. She was really taken with Jenny Lind Schmitt’s story about people sewing face masks for healthcare workers. And she called into our feedback line to tell us it prompted her to go and do likewise.

LETOWSKI: So I just wanted to let you know that I got out my sewing machine and I’ve been stitching away this afternoon. So I want to thank you for encouraging me and challenging me to get involved in my area and do something profitable in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hey, I love hearing stories like that! 

Listener Amber Wredberg emailed us to comment on Anna Johansen’s report about coronavirus survivors. She said it was refreshing

to hear something encouraging and unsensational in regard to the virus, and it served as a much-needed reality-check. 

She said she’s been wondering 

why we aren’t hearing more about the survivors, since the multitude of them is growing. Thanks for breaking the trend!

BASHAM: We also got a lot of feedback this month on our Culture Friday conversation with Pastor John Piper. Tana Walker called it “riveting.” Bo Deane said it was “very thought provoking and well done.”

EICHER: Next we have some constructive criticism from Jamee Wetzel concerning our news story about conflict between the president and his infectious-disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. She wrote in to say she thought we’d gotten “sucked into covering something that was not substantial.” Yep, sometimes that happens, and thanks for pointing it out in such a kind way.

BASHAM: OK, back to our feedback line. Fritz Longabaugh from Rochester, New York, called in to thank us for The Olasky Interview.

LONGABAUGH: That last with Justin Gibony, just what I needed. I’m a pro-life Democrat and feel pretty politically homeless as I think many people do these days. It was really refreshing to have you first of all interview a thoughtful black political leader, but also one who is really biblical in his approach and I just want to say thank you. You consistently win my gratitude and my, and my donations. Keep it up!

EICHER: Next, we’ve got some feedback for you, Megan. Leta Powell listens in New Mexico, where she recorded this audio message while taking a walk.

POWELL: Thank you for all the great reviews for TV shows and movies. Thank you for the times when you tell us where we can find them, on what platform. And please, whenever that information is available, if you would let us know where we can find the great movies that you review and recommend, so that we know where to go to watch them. Thank you so much!

BASHAM: That is a great reminder Leta. I’ll do my best!

EICHER: This next comment, well, I know Mary Reichard’s listening. She’ll appreciate this. Listener Jacques Pye emailed to tell us how much he loves her Legal Docket each week. Before he started listening, he viewed the Supreme Court as a veiled entity that made decisions from afar. But now, he writes that he has a much-better,

more informed appreciation of [the court]. 

He’s come to see each of the justices

as a real person, with a voice, with feelings, and with convictions. 

Although at times, he says, he may disagree with a particular justice, he now finds himself 

disagreeing with a person, not a robe.

BASHAM: I like the way he put that.  Let’s give listener Doug Woodford the last word today. He lives in Spokane, Washington, and works as a cargo plane pilot. You might have heard him on one of our recent prerolls. He also loves Legal Docket.

WOODFORD: On my cargo airline layover on Monday, I listened to The World and Everything in It on an exercise walk across the bridge from Jeffersonville, Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky—6 feet apart from the other walkers, of course. It was poignant to hear Mary’s Legal Docket regarding the case of alleged First Amendment violations by Louisville’s mayor. Upon reaching the Kentucky side of the bridge, overlooking Louisville, I prayed for the mayor, the judge, the lawyers, the city, the state, and our country, to listen to God’s voice during this pandemic. Thank you for giving us specificity for prayer in each of your podcasts.

EICHER: Thanks for that encouraging word, Doug. And thank you for your prayers. And that’s Listener Feedback for this month!

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