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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, May 29th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Next up: your listener feedback—and I’ll say good morning to our managing editor, J.C. Derrick. Morning.


EICHER: Hey, before you get started, you typically have corrections, but this edition is all me. So let me just own it here.

In our Monday Legal Docket, we had the case on the Electoral College. 

And in setting it up, I talked about the states electoral votes as winner-take-all, and of course there are two exceptions to that: Nebraska and Maine have systems that allow for more proportionality.

I’ll say I knew that, but in a rush to simplify, I overdid it. 

All of Nebraska’s electoral votes did go for Trump, and Maine went for Clinton, but I didn’t click into the online map to see that Trump took one of the state’s electoral votes. 

So my attempt to save time on Monday has cost an enormous amount of time on Friday. Lesson learned. I’ll sit in the penalty box now for two minutes.

DERRICK: Yeah, slide over, I should join you in the box because I did review it and it got past me, too. Well, serve your time in silence then.

A recent story that prompted quite a few emails and comments this month was Katie Gaultney’s remembrance of apologist Ravi Zacharias. Listener Jon Krape recorded his appreciation in a voice memo on his smartphone.

AUDIO: The memories she recounted of Christ’s transformation in his life echo powerfully in my heart. It was a very fitting encomium for a man who was instrumental in catalyzing similar change in the hearts of so many. The chorus that soars as Katie finishes literally brought me to tears. Thankful tears, for great memories. Thankful emotions for incredible music. And amazing hope for a future in paradise.

DERRICK: I should add that a couple of people did not like that we mentioned two recent controversies about Ravi Zacharias and how he responded to those. That was not an accident. We want to be fair, but we are journalists, and what we did was produce a journalistically sound story—no different than any other public figure. No one is perfect, as Ravi Zacharias so ably taught throughout his career.  

EICHER: Next we have a comment from listener Phil Wade. He disagrees with the doctor we quoted who said churches should not resume congregational singing right away.

AUDIO: I understand people have their opinions and experts differ and all. But I’m surprised whenever I hear people say we can’t resume normal life, or congregational singing, until we have a vaccine. I don’t think we are going to have a vaccine. And I feel this coronavirus pandemic has shown the limits of our medical knowledge and provoked the people of God to take a hard look at our fears.

DERRICK: Next, listener Anna Stroud called in from Asheville, North Carolina, with some love for one of our recent special episodes.

AUDIO: I absolutely loved Dr. Horton’s special edition where he updated listeners on the coronavirus and answered listener questions. It was super helpful for me. So I think y’all should definitely do that again.

EICHER: Well, Anna, we have some great news for you. We are going to do another special episode with Dr. Horton. Next week, in fact! Look for that to show up in your podcast feed on Thursday, God willing.

DERRICK: Yes, Ask Dr. Horton was a first for us: a stand-alone special episode. And another first happened this week. Kim Henderson’s four-part series about a grieving community in Mississippi was our first serial story. 

And I think we all agree with listener Aaron Hoak, who tweeted that Kim “hit it out of the park” with that series. And a hat-tip to Paul Butler as well. He produced that series with Kim. 

And as we said on yesterday’s program, next week we’ll release the full story with 10 minutes of bonus content in another special episode. 

EICHER: Ok, our last call for today comes from a WORLD fan with a sense of humor. Let’s have a listen.

AUDIO: Hey there, WORLD. This is Jeff Palomino from Burke, Virginia. During the quarantine, I took advantage of the opportunity to call into the National Public Radio, or NPR, listener feedback line. I just wanted to share that call with you and the listeners today.

Brrrring! Brrrring! Brrr—

You have reached the NPR listener feedback… BEEP!

Oh, hello! NPR? Oh, hey. It’s Jeff Palomino from Burke, Virginia. I just want to say, NPR, congratulations! You’re just like a secular WORLD Radio!

You know what? Way back I used to say that I looked forward to the day when people would see Newsweek or some other big publication and say, “It’s like a secular version of WORLD.”

DERRICK: Jeff, thanks for your creativity and for sending us that. It’s a great way today’s listener feedback segment! 

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter and email us anytime at [email protected]. We love to hear from you.


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