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MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Today is Friday, June 26th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Megan Basham.

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: And I’m Myrna Brown. Next up, your listener feedback.

BASHAM: We start, as we always do, with owning our mistakes. And we made a few this month. In a newscast item about the spread of the coronavirus around the globe, we referred to the capital of India as Jakarta. That is, of course, the capital of Indonesia. We meant to say, New Delhi.

BROWN: Then in the introduction to Marvin Olasky’s interview with author James Smith, we said he teaches at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The only problem with that is that the school changed its name to Calvin University last year.

BASHAM: And finally, during this month’s Classic Book segment, we referred to E.B. White as the author of The Elements of Style. White’s name does appear on the cover, and it’s often referred to as Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. But White earned his attribution because of his contributions as an editor. William Strunk, Jr. wrote the bulk of the material.

BROWN: OK, now on to your feedback. One segment that generated quite a bit of it was our conversation with Ryan Bomberger. 

MATT BROWN: Yeah, this is Matt Brown from Boone North Carolina. Just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for how The World Everything in It has handled racial reconciliation, race relations, and our need to move forward in this area…Thanks so much for all you do.

BASHAM: Sarah Stewart emailed to say she was grateful for Ryan’s comments during that interview and in his most recent commentary. She described them as, “antibiotic ointment to my wounded heart, like an updraft current under the wings of my sagging soul, and a reinforcement to my battered mental amour.” 

BROWN: What powerful imagery! We should note, however, that not everyone agreed with Ryan’s perspective. Listener Nadene Witmer emailed to say she thought he “slightly diminished the long history of injustice that many blacks faced and endured at the hands of police and our criminal justice system in general.”

BASHAM: We’ve gotten similarly split feedback on our coverage of the debate over police reform efforts. Several listeners who work in the law enforcement community strongly disagreed with Clark Neily of the Cato Institute, who believes our country’s criminal justice system is irreparably broken.

Listener Eric Levenhagen wrote in to say he was disappointed that Neily presented only one side of a very complex and deeply historical issue. He concluded by saying he hoped we would present the other side in a future episode.

BROWN: Right, and we did that the following week when we talked about the Republicans’ police reform proposal. It’s worth noting here that this is a really complex issue. It would be impossible for us to cover every aspect of it in one or even two stories or interviews. We aim to present a balanced perspective across the totality of our coverage. 

BASHAM: Alright, well on to a topic that generated much more unity among listeners! We got far and away the most email this month about our two special episodes. 

MILLER: This is Howard Miller, Moorestown, New Jersey. I just finished listening to that special edition by Kim Henderson about the mass shootings from 2017. What an excellent program. 

Another listener sent us a Voice Memo expressing what so many had to say about Kim’s story of community grief and healing in Southern Mississippi. Here’s Jesse Maynor from Hawaii.

MAYNOR: I enjoyed the serial story on the Cory Godbolt case because of the amount of detail that you could include. The ability to just absorb it on the road as opposed to a longer story in a magazine, where I have to be still and my kids can’t be climbing on top of me. And I appreciated the segments because I enjoyed the anticipation from episode to episode.

BROWN: Listener Martha Jacobs emailed to thank us for our second special episode on COVID-19, Ask Dr. Horton. She wrote, “Even the spirit and attitude in which he presented the facts and insights were helpful.” And she signed it “a retired RN and active grandmother.”

That really does sum up what we heard from so many of you about both these special episodes. And you let us know you want more of them!

BASHAM: That’s right, and so I know you’ll be happy to hear that we have more planned. This has been a vision of ours for a while now, and it’s exciting to watch it come to fruition. 

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  1. Jeff Hashman says:

    I love this podcast and just listened to the July 3rd edition. I loved the national anthem, but I had hoped to hear the verse which includes, “And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust!’”

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