Kicker – Slithering out of a speeding ticket

NICK EICHER: Talk to any police officer. They’ve heard ’em all—every excuse real or, well, not real.

This one was real.

AUDIO: You found a snake in your car? Well, it’s in the tray, mate.

Yes, in the back. And not just any snake, either. This was a Brown snake, a venomous Brown snake. One of the deadliest in the world.

That would explain the erratic driving on a highway in Queensland, Australia, back in June.

AUDIO: Just confirming. You say you’re off with a vehicle. The driver’s been bitten by a brown snake. Is that correct? Yeah, that’s right.

Not exactly, thankfully, it didn’t bite him.

But he wasn’t exactly thinking about his speed, which couldn’t have been as fast as his heartbeat.

AUDIO: I’m driving along at about a hundred and I just started to brake and the more I moved my legs, the more … coz it’s pretty big (yea, yeah) … it started to wrap around me. And then its head just started striking at the chair … like that. (Yeh.)

For the record, he was going 123 kilometers per hour, so he was doing 77, speeding to the hospital, assuming he did have a snakebite—judging by the adrenaline surge he was feeling.

He said he’d never been so glad to be pulled over. Instead of a ticket, the officer summoned EMTs to treat the driver for shock.

It’s The World and Everything in It.

(Photo/Queensland Police Service, Facebook) A dead brown snake is shown in the back of a vehicle in Queensland, Australia, on June 15, 2020

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