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NICK EICHER, HOST: Well, here’s a nice pro-life sentiment: Maybe you know from watching baseball that fans aren’t allowed in the parks, but cardboard-cutouts are. 

So at the Cincinnati Reds ballpark, one fan paid to have a cardboard cutout in honor his unborn nephew or niece—we can’t tell the sex of the baby because it’s a pretty early sonogram—but that sonogram image is cleverly displayed on the cutout.

This is the work of a young man by the name of Aaron Nemo—that’d be Uncle Aaron. He did this for his brother and sister-in-law, Adam and Kayleigh Nemo, who are expecting a baby Nemo.

The way these cardboard cutouts work is you pay for one—the proceeds go to charity—and then team staff arranges them in the seats however they like. So you have no idea where to find them on TV.

But a local TV station did find out. This is FOX19 in Cincinnati.

AUDIO: Baby Nemo’s cutout is in the front row on the third-base line. So they should be able to find him or her whenever the camera takes that kind of shot.

So I’m thinking every left-handed batter who swings late on a fastball and fouls one up the third-base line is going to have the Nemos reaching for pause on the DVR for another round of “finding baby Nemo.”

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(Photo/FOX19, Cincinnati)

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