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NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Friday, August 28th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Nick Eicher.

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: And I’m Myrna Brown. Next up: your Listener Feedback.

We’ll start today with a quick correction. On yesterday’s program we said Shreveport, Louisiana, was 500 miles north of the coast, where Hurricane Laura came ashore yesterday. It’s actually just over 200 miles. Oral equivalent of a typo!

EICHER: Next, we’d like to say thanks to everyone who wrote to us about this week’s special report on the statistics related to COVID-19. We appreciate all of your comments and suggestions for future reports. Sarah Stewart wrote in from Alaska to say…

Thank you … 

And she said it three times, for emphasis. 

… thank you for your covering of stats! It was informative, calming, and just plain real! 

She mentioned hearing conspiracy theories and after awhile, feeling, 

what do I know anyway? Thanks so much for your straight forward answers. God bless you for this ministry!

BROWN: We also heard from listener Tony Walker about Kim Henderson’s tribute to dads. Tony tweeted a link to the piece, and added, “When you’re young, you sleep in, wear fancy clothes, and gorge on numbing entertainment. When you’re middle aged, you wear the same outfit everyday, drink a healthy shake thing for breakfast, and get choked up listening to The World and Everything in It.”

EICHER: I can speak to the middle-aged thing. Everything chokes me up these days, seems like.

Well, we love hearing from you, no matter how you send your feedback. But of course, we especially love actually hearing from you! Our listener feedback line is always open at 202-709-9595. Call in and leave us a comment whenever something on the program prompts a response. And we’ll give you a heads-up about a week before the next edition of listener feedback and remind you to call.

BROWN: You can also record your feedback in a voice memo using your smartphone. That’s how listener Catherine from the San Francisco Bay Area recorded this message. Listen to this. I think you’ll love it as much as we did!

CATHERINE: I’d like to say how much I appreciate so many of your segments, but for today would like to call out George Grant and Word Play. Back in July, for the first time in my life, I spontaneously burst out with the words, “No way!” while listening to the Word Play segment with the horrifying news that irregardless has been added to the dictionary. How can this be? And then this month, the distinction between Jeremiahs and Nehemias, and the positioning for this being a time for the latter and not the former. Great food for pondering and prayer. The witty nimbleness of the Word Play segment, even when bringing news about official recognition of words which should not exist, is delightful. Thanks.

Listener Ashley Young called in from The Woodlands, just north of Houston, where she listens with her young daughter, Timber.

YOUNG: And I just wanted to say thank you for making a program that I can feel comfortable with my daughter hearing. She’s very young right now, but I feel very safe to listen to your podcast every morning with her, without having to worry about there being something that might be overly graphic or just inappropriate for a little ears. So thank you for making biblically objective journalism very accessible. And keep up the great work!

That is the goal and we loving hearing that: that so many families listen together, and so we have that in mind. But as many of you already know, we also have a new program just for the younger members of our audience.

EICHER: We do. WORLD Watch launched earlier this month. It’s daily video news for students, special pricing that’s just about to end—$69.99 a year. It’s a terrific educational tool and the secret is, parents love it, too. It’s real news, really proud of this product and the team that puts it out. Great for homeschoolers, great for any-schoolers. And yes we do have classroom pricing. Details at

Maybe you’ve never had a chance really to check out WORLD Watch. Well, today’s your day. On our free channel on YouTube … you can direct link it at—the Friday full episode is online. If you can’t remember, just visit our site at and we’ll have a link in today’s program transcript. But an extra incentive: Maybe you remember the story we had the day before yesterday about the championship fiddler? Sarah Schweinsberg also prepared a video version of that story and it’s on today’s WORLD Watch.

BROWN: My background is TV News and I’ll just say, I’m impressed. Good stuff. Hey, one other new program WORLD launched: the much-anticipated Legal Docket podcast! And by all accounts, listeners have loved it. Listener Norm Sabin from Chattanooga, Tennessee, summed up what we’ve heard from so many.

SABIN: Great job on your Legal Docket podcast. And as an ex-litigator, I’m extremely impressed by your ability to present legal concepts in an entertaining and educational way that certainly helps bring the complex legal strategies and theories out of the dark shadows of the judicial system and presents them in a way that people can understand and apply them to their lives and livelihoods. Again, congratulations on a job very well done.

EICHER: Congratulations, indeed, to the on-air team of legal eagles Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough—along with producer Paul Butler. They’ve done a great job. Thanks, too, for the five-star ratings and reviews on iTunes! That’s huge! That’s helped keep us at the top of the new shows recommendations in the Government category. And that helps new listeners find it. So, we really appreciate it.

BROWN: We’re going to give the last word today to one of our very creative listeners and his faithful sidekick. Take it away, Dave.

SABLE: The World and Everything in It is made possible by listeners like us. I’m Dave Sable, and this is my Great Dane, Bruin. [bark, bark] Each morning, we listen as we make the morning coffee. [bark, bark, bark] Well, of course Mary uses big words. She’s doing Legal Docket. [bark] I don’t know why Megan doesn’t do more dog movies. [bark] Wait, just because Nick likes hockey, doesn’t make him a socialist. [bark, bark, bark] Alright, that’s it. No pumpkin in your kibble. [sad whine]

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