One More Thing: John MacArthur

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: Hey, one more thing. On July 26th of this year, Pastor John MacArthur made the following observation from the pulpit about alcohol sales during the pandemic:

MACARTHUR: All the liquor stores were open. I know they were open because I couldn’t get any Fresca. [LAUGHTER] And when I wanted to get Fresca, do you know what I was told? All the aluminum is eaten up in beer cans. Fact. Because the bars aren’t open, the beer producers are taking all the aluminum. I want my Fresca…

After that comment, memes filled social media playing off of MacArthur’s declaration. Naturally I had to ask him about that…

So last question, have people been sending you Fresca?

MACARTHUR: I have a millennial supply of Fresca.

BASHAM: There were so many Fresca memes after that first message a couple of weeks ago. So, my dad said, you got to ask him if people are sending him Fresca.

MACARTHUR: Yeah, my favorite one was the can of Fresca with my picture on it and the can of RC Cola with RC’s on it.

BASHAM: I didn’t see that one. All right. I’m gonna have to look for that.

MACARTHUR: Yeah, I miss him. I need him now in this battle. He’d be standing with me.

To hear the full interview on Thursday’s program, click here.

(Photo/John MacArthur)

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