Kicker – George Jetson’s kind of car

NICK EICHER, HOST: Suppose you hear something like this.


Like a, what?, like a swarm of angry bees overhead, but all you can see is what appears to be some kind of futuristic flying motorcycle sidecar.

That’s no modernist beehive. It’s SkyDrive—specifically its new SD-03 flying electric car. That’s what the Japanese company that made it calls it. 

Though, for a “flying car,” one design feature is conspicuously missing. It has no wheels! It has skids, more like a helicopter.

It’s being billed as a way to fly right over all the gridlocked commuters on the highway below.

It’s powered by electric motors and eight small propellers, similar to many drones now on the market.

No word yet on the price tag. But SkyDrive says it aims to put customers behind the proverbial wheel of the vehicles within the next three years.

So you can skip the big-city traffic, but then you’ve got another big-city problem on your hands: parking. This single-passenger vehicle takes up the space of two cars.

It’s The World and Everything in It.

(©SkyDrive/CARTIVATOR 2020 via AP) This photo taken at the beginning of August, 2020 and released by ©SkyDrive/CARTIVATOR 2020, shows a test flight of a manned ‘”flying car” at Toyota Test Field in Toyota, central Japan. 

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