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MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Next up: a special, bonus Listener Feedback!

NICK EICHER, HOST: Right, we had a lot to cover last time and as a result missed a few important corrections to our segment about Richie Setser. He’s the former U.S. fighter pilot who served in Operation Desert Shield in 1990.

Setser was part of two squadrons of F-16 fighter planes that flew nonstop from South Carolina to the Middle East. We called that the longest flight in military history. Not exactly: it was the longest F-16 flight.

BROWN: We also said that the New York Stock Exchange dropped after Setser’s plane had engine trouble and crashed. 

What dropped was Tokyo’s Nikkei index, with traders fearing the Iraqi military had brought the plane down.

EICHER: Ok, well, despite those things, the story resonated with many listeners. We heard from Sally Knauer, who emailed to say she was instantly taken back to memories of that summer in 1990. She married an Army helicopter pilot that June, and though he was not deployed to the Middle East, she said the conflict still had a big impact on their lives.

BROWN: We often say that we like getting all forms of feedback from listeners, and it’s true! We value all of it—whether constructive criticism or praise—because we know that when you take the time to write, what it means is that you care. When you bring criticism to us, we take it as iron sharpening iron, so we appreciate that.

EICHER: But every once in a while we receive emails from listeners who write just to say thanks, not for any specific story but just in general. And I can tell you, they are a tremendous blessing to our team. Listener Kristin Wolf emailed us one of those types of messages last week. She said her brother-in-law has listened to the program for a while and tried to get her to listen as well. She never took the time until this spring. She writes: 

Back in March when it seemed like the whole world went crazy (crazier than usual) 

She said she thought it was time to start paying attention and staying informed. She’s listened almost every day since. She’s been encouraged in her faith. She’s learned a lot and has been excited to share what she’s learned with others.

Thank you so much! 

She says and adds:

Keep up the good work! 

BROWN: Alright, well, before we go, just a reminder that Episode 6 of the Legal Docket podcast released this week. It’s about the Harris Funeral Homes case, in which the court expanded the meaning of “sex” in Title VII to include gender identity.

EICHER: We have just four episodes remaining in this first season of Legal Docket! One per week. If you’ve enjoyed it, do let us know. And please leave us a review on iTunes. Nearly 700 of you have already done that, and we are grateful. It has a five-star rating, and that is huge when it comes to new listeners finding it.

BROWN: We released another bit of special programming this week: the third episode in our occasional series Ask Dr. Horton. It came out yesterday, so you should have seen it by now in your regular feed for The World and Everything in It. This time, WORLD’s medical correspondent, Dr. Charles Horton, focuses on medical questions related to diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

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