Day: October 23, 2020

Friday morning news – October 23, 2020

Trump, Biden square off in final debate » The president and his Democratic rival faced off for the final time last night before the election. 

Culture Friday – Civil unions and Catholic teaching

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: It’s Friday the 23rd of October, 2020. Glad to have you along for today’s edition of The World and Everything in It. Good morning, I’m Myrna Brown. MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard. Pope Francis grabbed headlines this week after the release of a documentary film on his life. 

Kicker – Running while pregnant

MARY REICHARD, HOST: A man in California recently made a wager with his wife.

Review – What Killed Michael Brown?

MARY REICHARD, HOST: It’s Friday, October 23rd and you’re listening to WORLD Radio, supported by listeners like you. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Mary Reichard. MYRNA BROWN, HOST: And I’m Myrna Brown. This summer, during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests, Amazon Prime released a series of billboards promising to, “Amplify Black...

Word Play – Spell-checking the Constitution

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Today is Friday, October 23rd. Thank you for turning to WORLD Radio to help start your day. Good morning. I’m Mary Reichard.