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MYRNA BROWN, HOST: Today is Friday, October 9th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Myrna Brown.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Next up: Listener Feedback.

Let me just get this one out of the way!

AUDIO: And the Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley Cup!

Yes, they did and we made a mistake. First-time ever, I think, to get a hockey story wrong.

FENWICK: Yeah, my name’s Dale Fenwick. I listen in Mount Dora, Florida. And I give high marks to The World and Everything in It for accurate and credible information. But I have to say I did a double-take this morning as I listened to the kicker regarding the exuberant Tampa Bay hockey fan. And the part at the end is what threw me, which made me wonder what day it was. Cuz I was pretty sure when I woke up this morning the headline was that they won the Cup, but you said that the final game 7 was tonight. So I spent half of my walk with my dog this morning paging through news stories trying to figure out if I was on the right day or was a time traveler. Hey, it was fun. I’m sure that it was recorded the day earlier and just got put in late. So no problems. No worries. Go Tampa Bay!

Well, that’s exactly what happened. I made two versions—a winner and a loser—depending on the outcome of the game. Recorded early. I get pretty enthusiastic when watching hockey and figured my voice might be a little stressed to record post-game. But, well, maybe I mislabeled the file or something. Long story short, we grabbed the wrong one. We fixed it I think by 9 in the morning, but if you listen early, as Dale does, you heard my error. If not, well, let’s not speak of this again.

BROWN: Next, we had a slip of the tongue that gave some of you a good laugh. In our recent story about the political upheaval in Belarus, we said police were wearing baklavas to cover their faces. That would be quite a sticky mess! Of course, we meant balaclavas, which are much more useful as face-coverings.

EICHER: One more verbal gaffe on a recent newscast, another one dealing with Florida. Sorry, but we referred to Florida’s junior Senator as “Tim Scott.” He, of course, is Senator Rick Scott of Florida. Senator Tim Scott is from South Carolina.

BROWN: And finally today, a clarification on this week’s Classic Book of the Month. Bill MacDonald emailed us from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to question our characterization of John Adams as a Christian, based on the biography by David McCullough.

Our listener writes, “other sources believe [Adams] became a Unitarian later in life. 

He says he greatly admires what Adams did for our country and how he maintained high moral standards. He hopes he’s wrong, but history seems to record a departure from biblical faith by Adams. 

EICHER: Well, Bill, you’re correct. Adams was raised in a devout Christian home, and was a member of the congregationalist church with his wife Abigail. But during his lifetime, many once orthodox congregations became unitarian: rejecting the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, salvation by faith alone, and the inerrancy of the Scriptures. 

In his last years, Adams considered himself a skeptic, but for most of his life he identified himself as a Christian, and spoke and wrote about the importance of the Christian faith in this new country. 

The faith he practiced was certainly not evangelical, and in the end, perhaps not even protestant. David McCullough is a historian. He is not a theologian, so maybe it’s understandable why he still places Adams under the broad umbrella of Christianity. But we should have made that clear during the interview.

BROWN: Returning now to our feedback line. This one’s from Ian McAllister from western Massachusetts.

MCALLISTER: I just wanted to call and thank you for today’s commentary from Marvin Olasky. I thought it was clear, relevant, and very well stated. One of my favorites in quite a long time. And also to thank Megan Basham for her review of Enola Holmes. I thought that was one of her best reviews that she’s done. I really like the form, the content and her approach to that. So, thanks again. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! And thanks to everyone who called in to leave us messages this week. We’ll be doing another feedback segment later this month. So if you hear something you want to comment on, call us at 202-709-9595 and leave a message. Or, record your feedback using the voice memo app on your smart phone and email it to us.

EICHER: Ok, before we let you go today, just a quick reminder. You have a little over a week to vote for the winner of our 2020 Hope Awards for Effective Compassion. We’ll link to the voting page in today’s transcript. Cast your vote by October 17th to help decide which organization will win the $10,000 grand prize. 

One more thing! If you live near Jackson, Mississippi, I have some really good news for you. On Wednesday the 14th—that’s next week, Wednesday, October 14th—WORLD’s Kim Henderson is going to speak at a reception Wednesday afternoon at First Presbyterian Church Jackson. If you want to come and I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t—Kim is great!—you do need to RSVP. If you’ll visit, you’ll find the details on how to do that. and meet Kim Henderson next week!

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