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MARY REICHARD, HOST: Today is Friday, October 30th. Good morning! This is The World and Everything in It from listener-supported WORLD Radio. I’m Mary Reichard.

NICK EICHER, HOST: And I’m Nick Eicher. Next up, Listener Feedback!

BRAD SHEDD: This is Brad Shedd from Chesapeake, Virginia. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the God’s Girls Knitters special piece today. I loved the intentional or unintentional pun that they were a tight-knit group. I just have to add that I enjoyed the yarns that they spun, and the fact that they agreed not to needle one another about politics.

Well, you know, that’s the fabric of an interesting program we like to weave together each day.

REICHARD: He’s gotta million of ’em. And, nice try. We can talk later about textiles and, well, nevermind.

EICHER: I know. Just trying, yeah, nevermind. Speaking of my attempt at wit, here’s an appreciation for the genuine wit of our old friend Cal Thomas. This is from listener Grace Link of Ohio:

GRACE LINK: I want to express my appreciation for the reporting done by Cal Thomas. He often says direct and truthful things that I often think about but am unable to put it so clear or as witty as Cal. I look forward to chuckling at his weekly quips and listening to his Christian, fatherly advice. And here’s a big thank you to the entire team. It’s good to know that there are people out there that think like I do that are just trying to follow Christ’s teachings to the best of our abilities. As a young Christian it is comforting to know I have so many brothers and sisters in Christ.

You know, we discovered when we started doing the prerolls several years ago how much listeners enjoy hearing from each other. It’s encouraging to know that we’re connected to fellow believers all over the world. And that’s one reason we decided to end next week’s programs by giving all of you the last word, so to speak. 

So thanks to all of you who have sent us recordings of yourselves, and in some cases entire families, praying for our nation or reading Scripture over it. 

REICHARD: We can’t wait to play those for you next week. And we hope they will be as much of a blessing to all of you as they have been to us.

Well, we received a mixed mailbag of responses having to do with Whitney Williams’s commentary on political yard signs: a lot of email that was kind yet critical. One wrote to say she put up a Trump sign and that she lives next door to very sweet neighbors who have a Biden sign up. To her it was an opportunity to communicate to her children that their pro-Biden neighbor is a neighbor and not an enemy.

Here’s one from listener Les Asterlund of Minneapolis. 

LES ASTERLUND: She was talking about political signs on her street and how they caused division in her neighborhood. I paused the episode right there and repent. But it wasn’t a sign in my yard that was causing division, but political posts on my Facebook wall. I know God is in control and His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and as Whitney reminded me we are called to be peacemakers and bear the fruit of peace and kindness. Listening to her, God showed me my Facebook activity was divisive and it was affecting my witness for Him. I deleted the posts right away and put up a confession on my wall and asked my Facebook friends to join me in praying for the peace of our nation. Letting my light shine for Christ is far more important than winning a political argument.

EICHER: Well, let’s hear Karen Badorff of Lyman, South Carolina who tells us she’s been listening for quite a few years:

KAREN BADORFF: It’s just recently that I’ve become really aware of what a great job that the sound engineers Johnny Franklin and Carl Peetz do with each selection. And I just wanted to say a big thumbs-up to those two for all their hard work on making such an excellent program go along with excellent music that fits the theme perfectly. Way to go guys.

REICHARD: I’m so glad Carl and Johnny are getting the recognition they so richly deserve. But along with that, y’all, you’re drawing some questions, too. So we’ll end today with some questions we’ve heard more than just a few times. Here’s listener Patty Roberts from Walnut Shade, Missouri.

PATTY ROBERTS: Those little snippets of music that go between segments of the program, where do they come from? Does WORLD have to buy them? And, do you ever reuse them? How many of those music snippets go into every program, on average? And finally, how do you decide which one goes where? And, do you both have to agree? Thank you for all your excellent late night work!

EICHER: Alright, I am counting six questions! And I should mention, Johnny’s in the southeast and because of the remnants of Hurricane Zeta, he is without electricity.

REICHARD: So 2020.

EICHER: So Carl’s the designated spokesman and he’s flying solo!

CARL PEETZ: Thanks Nick, first let me say on behalf of Johnny and me, thank you to Karen and to Patty for your encouraging words to us. You know we have a really good time putting these things together and it’s just our joy. And if you enjoy that too then it’s that much better!

Well, let me try to answer these questions. Those little snippets of music that go between the segments of the program, where do they come from? We have access to a production music library that is designed exclusively for broadcast media, for film and web content as well. So when you hear one of these songs you can’t just go to iTunes and download an mp3, I’m sorry to say.

Does WORLD have to buy them? Yes, there are fees for these songs and there is an arrangement for them.

Do you ever reuse them? Yes, sometimes we reuse some of the pieces but we try to keep them as fresh as possible, and like I said every now and then we’ll reuse them as well.

How many of those music snippets go into every program? On average I’d say 5 to 6.

And finally, how do you decide which one goes where? The production music library that we use has a search feature. So for example, on our Culture Friday segment we began the program talking about the divided public and that we’re exhausted in the presidential campaign. So I’ll go to the search window and I’ll look for “divided”. 

(song sample played) 

That’s interesting. It has some encouragement, some drama. We try to get unique pieces that sound interesting to the ear and fit the topic at hand.

I hope that gave you a little bit of an insight of what we do late at night here for WORLD Radio!

EICHER: OK, Carl, roll the closing music!

PEETZ: Alrighty!

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