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NICK EICHER, HOST: Not too late for another Christmas story, I hope. Think back to childhood and try to remember what you thought about the logistics of Santa Claus entering your home by way of a chimney. What kid didn’t worry just a little about Santa getting stuck?

So, I have a stuck Santa story for you. More like a stuck, suspended Santa story.

This is so 2020. A Southern California Santa took to a paraglider to deliver candy canes when he flew into power lines. No, seriously.

It’s a horrible thought, but before I go any further, you need to know he didn’t get hurt. Colleen Boulisman was watching.

BOULISMAN: It’s funny because that’s how 2020’s been, and then you see Santa? It’s like, what? That’s crazy.

Well, Santa’s crazy like that. But his journey to spread Christmas cheer went awry. 

Chris Vestal with the fire department told television station KCRA…

VESTAL: He was trying to deliver candy canes to kids that were playing throughout the community, so we commend him for that.

Good intentions, yet 200 customers lost power while crews shut it down to complete the rescue. But there’s good news. Santa is doing just fine after enduring a frightening hour dangling upside down. 

REICHARD: What Santa won’t do.

It’s The World and Everything in It.

(Photo/Sacramento Fire Department)

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One comment on “Kicker – Saving Santa

  1. Bob Lee says:

    Thank you. When old finding all sorts of modern ways to doing things, one can wonder what has become of Christmas. This picture helps me to re-believe in Santa as a benign myth. We all celebrate Christmas differently, but at least the spirit of giving to our fellow man, though modernized, lives on.
    Bob Lee

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