Kent Covington

Friday morning news: January 18, 2019

Partial government shutdown set to enter week five » The partial government shutdown enters week five just hours from now, with no end in sight.

Thursday morning news: January 17, 2019

Four Americans killed in suicide attack in Syria » A suicide bombing in Syria killed as many as 16 people on Wednesday, including two U.S. service members and two American civilian contractors. The Pentagon said the attack occurred as the Americans and others were conducting routine patrols.

Wednesday morning news: January 16, 2019

Brexit plan soundly defeated in House of Commons » The British House of Commons on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Tuesday morning news: January 15, 2019

LA teachers strike » AUDIO: UTLA! UTLA! Union leaders from United Teachers Los Angeles leading demonstrations Monday, after tens of thousands of teachers in the LA Unified School District walked out. The strike came after contract negotiations broke down on Friday.

Monday morning news: January 14, 2019

Shutdown enters day 24 » The partial government shutdown is now the longest ever—stretching into its 24th day.

Friday morning news: January 11, 2019

President Trump visits U.S.-Mexico border » President Trump visited the the US-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas on Thursday. That’s the busiest sector anywhere on the border for arrests and interdictions of illegal drugs.

Thursday morning news: January 10, 2019

White House, Democrats continue standoff on border wall and government funding » A day after President Trump and Democratic leaders traded barbs on national television, another bipartisan meeting on Wednesday about the ongoing government shutdown went nowhere fast.

Wednesday morning news: January 9, 2019

President makes border pitch from Oval Office, Democrats counter » President Trump took his case for a border wall to the American people last night in a prime time televised address from the Oval Office.  

Tuesday morning news: January 8, 2019

President Trump to address border security, government shutdown from Oval Office » President Trump is set to speak to the nation tonight from the Oval Office to lay out his case for a wall along the southern border.

Monday morning news: January 7, 2019

Shutdown continues as both sides dig in their heels » Still no headway in talks over the partial government shutdown. Democrats say they won’t negotiate funding for a border wall and President Trump insists he won’t sign a government funding bill without it. Both sides say they’re prepared for a long shutdown.