Kent Covington

Friday morning news – March 27, 2020

House set to approve relief bill as unemployment soars » Lawmakers in the House are expected to send the Senate’s $2 trillion economic rescue package to the president’s desk today. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday… 

Thursday morning news – March 26, 2020

Senate passed $2.2 trillion economic rescue package » The U.S. Senate last night approved an unprecedented $2.2 trillion economic rescue package. 

Wednesday morning news – March 25, 2020

Senate reaches deal on $2 trillion coronavirus bill » Senate leaders and the White House have reached a deal on a $2 trillion coronavirus response bill. 

Tuesday morning news – March 24, 2020

Senate again fails to advance coronavirus bill, but reportedly make progress in talks » Another day of deadlock on Capitol Hill as the Senate again failed to make concrete progress on a coronavirus response bill. 

Monday morning news – March 23, 2020

Senate stimulus plan fails to move forward » The Senate failed on Sunday to move forward on a massive bipartisan stimulus plan to prop up the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Friday morning news – March 20, 2020

U.S. crosses 10,000 confirmed coronavirus cases » The United States now has more than 10,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. And the U.S. death toll now stands at about 170.  

Thursday morning news – March 19, 2020

Trump announces emergency powers » President Trump on Wednesday invoked new emergency powers amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Wednesday morning news – March 18, 2020

Elections » Former Vice President Joe Biden widened his lead over Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday. 

Tuesday morning news – March 17, 2020

Bay area authorities issue “shelter in place” order » Authorities in the San Francisco Bay area are placing six counties on lockdown—issuing “shelter in place” orders for nearly 7 million residents. Effective today, officials are prohibiting non-essential travel and they’re closing down non-essential businesses.  

Monday morning news – March 16, 2020

Federal government announces new countermeasures against coronavirus » The federal government is moving forward with a range of measures to fight the coronavirus and give financial relief to Americans.