Kicker – Graduating without a license

NICK EICHER, HOST: Jack Rico just graduated from a California college after earning four associates degrees in two years. 

Kicker – A prayer for Lucas

NICK EICHER, HOST: Times of crisis do tend to reveal character. 

Kicker – A return to the drive-in

MARY REICHARD, HOST: I love going to the movies, don’t you? 

Kicker – Magnet fishing treasure

NICK EICHER, HOST: Eight years ago, a woman in Johns Island, South Carolina, just down from Charleston, became a robbery victim.

Kicker – USPS loses an important delivery

NICK EICHER, HOST: David and Emily Schantz went out for a ride with their children earlier in Fredericksburg, Virginia this week when they ran over a bag of trash. It appeared someone had just dumped it in the middle of the road.

Kicker – Bumper tables

NICK EICHER, HOST: Will the restaurant industry bounce back as the economy starts to reopen?

Kicker – Raffling off a Picasso

NICK EICHER, HOST: Most art lovers will never set eyes on a Picasso painting without standing behind a velvet rope. 

Kicker – One heroic feline

NICK EICHER, HOST: A couple in Newfoundland, up in Canada, is grateful to the paw patrol for saving them from a possibly deadly fire. 

Kicker – Raising a stink in Sweden

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: In the town of Lund, Sweden about 30,000 people gather in a park around this time every year for a local celebration. 

Kicker – A costumed conga line

NICK EICHER, HOST: In one neighborhood in the Detroit suburbs, things got so strange…