Kicker: Grandpa gone viral

MARY REICHARD, HOST: You’re never too old to learn something new, they say.

Kicker: An unexpected delay

NICK EICHER, HOST: Drivers ran into an unexpected delay last Thursday in Massachusetts when police shut down a stretch of Route 2 in the town of Templeton.

Kicker: Swiping right on cattle

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Dating apps help connect romance-seekers.

Kicker: A belated message

NICK EICHER, HOST: Surely you’ve received kind sentiments belatedly. Nothing wrong with that!

Kicker: Bridge scandal

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds…

Kicker: Proof of the pudding

NICK EICHER, HOST: Anglian Water is a public utility in the UK. It has to deal with something like 30,000 sewer blockages a year. That works out to about once every 15 minutes.

Kicker: Rainer and the whale

NICK EICHER, HOST: We’ve all read about Jonah and the whale, but here’s a story of a man who experienced it, in a way.

Kicker: Faulty border division

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Good fences make good neighbors.

Kicker: It pays to read the fine print

NICK EICHER, HOST: Remember the movie The Incredibles? That time when Bob Parr’s boss calls him into the office? He chews him out over insurance customers who seem to have read the policies just a little too closely?

Kicker: A premium pastry

MARY REICHARD, HOST: If your idea of conspicuous consumption includes thousand-dollar-a-dozen doughnuts, I know just the place. On Miami’s South Beach, you can find the premium pastry of the tippy-top of the one percent.