Kicker: Classic toys

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: The National Toy Hall of Fame is considering several new honorees. Maybe you remember a few of these from your childhood?

Kicker: Too hard to steal

NICK EICHER, HOST: Police near London are on the lookout for an unusual item stolen from the home in which Winston Churchill was born. 

Kicker: Unexpected arrival

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Lindsay Agbalokwu teaches sixth grade reading to middle schoolers in Colorado. 

Kicker: A dime’s worth of difference

NICK EICHER, HOST: Those on the far right of the political spectrum and the far left have made the same claim: there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Kicker: Personalized fan gear

MARY REICHARD, HOST: The University of Tennessee’s website crashed last week. And a young boy 500 miles away from the school was indirectly responsible. 

Kicker: A car in the kitchen

NICK EICHER, HOST: Thankfully, Florida was able to dodge the worst of Hurricane Dorian. 

Kicker: A crowing victory

NICK EICHER, HOST: Now here’s a story of a court litigant in France by the name of Maurice who can literally crow about his victory. 

Kicker: A suspicious substance

MARY REICHARD, HOST: A suspicious-looking suitcase caught the attention of police at Gatwick Airport in London last week. Twenty-five small bags of powder inside it led officers to detain and question the owner.

Kicker: A dramatic haircut

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: A young man joins the army and gets a haircut. 

Kicker: Pray for peace

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: A 76-year-old grandfather from Connecticut is on a mission to spread a very simple message. And he’s spreading it with his walking shoes.