Kicker: Dog ears

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

Kicker: Jeff and Dave

NICK EICHER, HOST: That big snowstorm that hit the midwest last weekend left lots of people stuck in the snow. One guy in particular really couldn’t afford to be stuck, because he had an appointment he simply couldn’t reschedule.

Kicker: A penny saved

MARY REICHARD, HOST: A penny saved, a penny earned, right?

Kicker: Fear of machines

NICK EICHER, HOST: Now, this kind of thing has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. But increasingly, machines are displacing flesh-and-blood workers these days.

Kicker: New Year’s resolutions

NICK EICHER, HOST: If you’re still following through on your New Year’s resolution to eat better or exercise more—congrats! You’ve outlasted most other New Year goal-setters.

Kicker: Stoned bird

MARY REICHARD: A good Samaritan spotted something worrisome while strolling through a park in Huntington Beach, California recently: a Canada goose passed out on its back with its feet pointed to the clouds.

Kicker: Emergency room visitor

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: It was cold in Alaska this week. After all, it’s January. But it was so cold at Alaska Regional hospital in Anchorage that a pair of automatic doors got frozen open.

Kicker: The 24-hour-rule

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: It’s not a good idea to eat food you find lying in the middle of the road.

Kicker: Vegetable surprise

MARY REICHARD, HOST: A little practical joking never hurt anybody. Especially if it gets someone to eat their greens, right?

Kicker: Hot doughnuts

NICK EICHER, HOST: Sometimes you just can’t avoid getting emotionally involved in a case.