Kicker: A special talent

MARY REICHARD, HOST: New York Jets rookie offensive lineman Calvin Anderson has a special talent other than football. 

Kicker: A high-fat celebration of high flight

NICK EICHER, HOST: All over the country, we celebrated the historic anniversary of the moonwalk in all sorts of ways. 

Kicker: An unexpected guest

NICK EICHER, HOST: Here’s a shocking case of mistaken identity.

Kicker: A bogus bobby

NICK EICHER, HOST: Lead-foot drivers speeding through a small town in England have gotten quite the scare recently. 

Kicker: City killers

NICK EICHER, HOST: The year was 2013, a man in Russia pointed a camera at an odd-looking trail of smoke in the sky.

Kicker: Baby Shark record

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Some will go to any length to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Kicker: Look before you lock

NICK EICHER, HOST: The National Weather Service office in Omaha, Nebraska, came up with a creative way to make a serious point about dangerously high temperatures.

Kicker: Getaway tractor

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Sometimes a guy just needs to get away.

Kicker: Ice cold beer

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Business is booming for an 11-year-old entrepreneur in Utah.

Kicker: A cockpit view

NICK EICHER, HOST: If you’re booking a room at the Haneda Excel Hotel in Tokyo, you have a number of options.