Kicker – Transporting snowmobiles

NICK EICHER, HOST: As we head toward winter, some of us have preparations to make.

Kicker – Voting between contractions

NICK EICHER, HOST: No one knows better than a Floridian the importance of every single vote and this story illustrates the point.

Kicker – Chutes and candypults

NICK EICHER, HOST: With Halloween just two days away, many Americans are stocking up on candy, but they’re facing a new challenge: How to deliver the candy. 

Kicker – One scary year

NICK EICHER, HOST: A man in Nashville Tennessee needed some inspiration for Halloween decor and he found it this year.

Kicker – Running while pregnant

MARY REICHARD, HOST: A man in California recently made a wager with his wife.

Kicker – A bug that can’t be squashed

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Modern cars boast some impressive safety features, thanks to creative engineers who put their minds to these things.

Kicker – A long-legged record

MYRNA BROWN, HOST: A teenager in Texas has set two Guinness World Records, all without lifting a finger. 

Kicker – Not so Word Perfect

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Well, Megan you’ve written a book and I’ve got dreams of one myself, but wow, talk about work!

Kicker – No need for speed in Denmark

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Police in Denmark recently seized an electric vehicle from someone in Copenhagen because they said it goes too fast. Going at several times the legal limit! 

Kicker – One great, big pumpkin

NICK EICHER, HOST: Being cooped up at home due to the pandemic paid handsomely for a Minnesota horticulture teacher.