Kicker – Out of control biking

NICK EICHER, HOST: Police in Taiwan responded to the scene of an accident earlier this month. The victim complained that an unidentified male suspect recklessly rammed into his Tesla.

Kicker – A wedding ring discovery

NICK EICHER, HOST: Three years ago, a New York couple was enjoying a meal by the water at a South Florida restaurant called Coconuts, when the man briefly took off his wedding ring and then dropped it. 

Kicker – A decoration stimulus package

MARY REICHARD, HOST: The owner of a restaurant called the Sand Bar in Tybee Island, Georgia had an off-the-wall and off-the-ceiling idea to help her staff during these trying times. 

Kicker – Rent-a-donkey bomb

NICK EICHER, HOST: Raise your hand if you’ve had more online video conferences than normal!

Kicker – Zoom etiquette for lawyers

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Countless millions of workers are now working from home—including attorneys. Some are conducting hearings using online video conferencing. 

Kicker – Essential Mac & Cheese

NICK EICHER, HOST: Just a quick setup for a cultural reference to explain a difference between American and Canadian culture…

Kicker – A shopping trip surprise

NICK EICHER, HOST: It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. And a movie star recently demonstrated that.  

Kicker – A birthday worth celebrating

NICK EICHER, HOST: When staffers at a veterans’ home in Lebanon, Oregon rolled Bill Lapschies outside in his wheelchair last week—a small group of family members was waiting to greet him.

Kicker – A bucket truck visit

NICK EICHER, HOST: New safety measures to limit coronavirus spread began in nursing homes—the elderly being among the most vulnerable.

Kicker – Up in smoke

NICK EICHER, HOST: A tractor-trailer crashed and caught fire near Dallas this week. The driver is OK, but the truck was a loss, and that fire shut down interstate traffic for hours.