Kicker: Lost pigeon

NICK EICHER, HOST: An animal-loving household in Peoria, Arizona was missing one of its own earlier this month.

Kicker: Freeway traffic

MARY REICHARD, HOST: State Police in Maine got a call last week about a quadruped walking into traffic on an interstate highway, and refusing to leave.

Kicker: Pardoned turkeys

NICK EICHER, HOST: President Trump this week pardoned a pair of turkeys from the holiday table. Each bird is around 40 pounds. One is named Peas, the other—you guessed it!—is Carrots.

Kicker: A Christmas Cinderella story

MARY REICHARD, HOST: President Trump and first lady Melania received this year’s White House Christmas tree on Monday. It was the first time that a president has accompanied the First Lady for this duty.

Kicker: Stranded camel

NICK EICHER, HOST: An early-season snowstorm in Pennsylvania last week hit motorists and other creatures really hard.

Kicker: Toilet Paper Gate

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Down in Alabama, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has a big problem on its hands: what local media are calling “Toilet Paper Gate.”  

Kicker: Flight delays

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Traveling over the holidays?

Kicker: Late fee

NICK EICHER, HOST: Sometimes life imitates Seinfeld.

Kicker: An unusual love story

MARY REICHARD, HOST: It’s a love story that you’ve likely not heard before.

Kicker: Hydration

NICK EICHER, HOST: You know how important water is, right? You’re supposed to drink lots of it. Every day.