Kicker: Robotic hand

MARY REICHARD, HOST: 8-year old Hailey Dawson was born with only a pinkie and thumb on her right hand. So the University of Las Vegas made her a robotic hand.

Kicker: Scripps winner

NICK EICHER, HOST: The 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion is 14-year-old Karthik Nemmani.

Kicker: Bogus bomb

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Two young girls swimming in a lake 20 miles south of Flint, Michigan, last week stumbled over a bit of history.

Kicker: Going the distance

NICK EICHER, HOST: Call it a providential misstep.

Kicker: Ocean journey

NICK EICHER, HOST: If all goes according to plan, 50-year-old Ben Lecomte will become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean. It’s expected to take six months before he lands on the shores of San Francisco. Lecomte set off from Japan on May 20th.

Kicker: No volcano s’mores

MARY REICHARD, HOST: The U.S. Geological Survey Twitter account has been busy. For weeks, it’s been posting updates and warnings about Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcanic eruption.

Kicker: Bear break-in

NICK EICHER, HOST: Bear watching is a summer pastime in some rural parts of the country.

Kicker: Mystery animal

NICK EICHER, HOST: A rancher near the town of Denton, Montana recently shot and killed an animal that was threatening his herd.

Kicker: Headstander

NICK EICHER, HOST: Some people collect stamps. Some like to hike. Anne Bruinooge has a more unusual hobby: doing headstands.

Kicker: Feather clean-up

NICK EICHER, HOST: What’s easier to scoop up: a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?