Kicker: Chocolate highway

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Fellow chocolate lovers: this story may be disturbing.

Kicker: Lighting a fire with a fire truck

NICK EICHER, HOST: For a firefighter, one of the most important weapons in his arsenal is a firehose.

Kicker: Panhandling prevention

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Panhandling is illegal in Modesto, California.  But that hasn’t stopped the practice, especially around convenience stores.

Kicker: Amazon pick-up

NICK EICHER, HOST: Online retailer Amazon typically drops packages off. But one of Amazon’s independent contractors working in the UK made a pick up.

Kicker: Half K race

NICK EICHER, HOST: Fun runs usually promote health and fitness—

Kicker: Baby tiger surprise

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Monday was just another routine day for U.S. Border Patrol agents working in Brownsville, Texas.

Kicker: Concord Covered Bridge

NICK EICHER, HOST: Back in Civil War days, the Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County, Georgia, burned down. The locals rebuilt it in 1872, but now it faces a modern threat: GPS. Drivers who are only following on-screen directions appear to be missing crucial warning signs, like this one: the bridge entrance is only 7-feet high....

Kicker: Graduation crashers

MARY REICHARD, HOST: You’ve heard of wedding crashers?  Well, a couple of pelicans became graduation crashers Saturday at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Kicker: Good Samaritan

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Being kind is its own reward. A teenage waitress at a Waffle House in Galveston, Texas, saw an elderly man struggling to cut his ham. So 18-year old Evoni Williams acted.

Kicker: Museum of pizza

NICK EICHER, HOST: New Yorkers love their pizza, but New York pizza makers like Frank Giaquinto love it even more.