Kicker: The most expensive coffee

MEGAN BASHAM, HOST: If you’re a coffee lover — and who isn’t?!—you can snag an award–winning cup of joe right now on the West Coast.

Kicker: 46 million mistakes

NICK EICHER, HOST: Each of us, no doubt, has goofed up and turned in a paper with a spelling mistake. But don’t sweat that. Because you probably didn’t make this kind of mistake:

Kicker: The wrong wine

MARY REICHARD, HOST: People who earn a living as wait staff have plenty of opportunity to get things wrong. Mix up an order. Slide a plate across the wrong table.  It happens all the time!

Kicker: Walking to school

NICK EICHER, HOST: Doctors tell us that good health is cumulative.

Kicker: Lookout parrot

NICK EICHER, HOST: Police in Brazil recently raided the home of two suspected drug dealers in the town of Teresina. Officers arrested those two.

Kicker: New Coke

NICK EICHER, HOST: In 1985 one of America’s largest and most iconic companies introduced a new product and revamped its signature offering.

Kicker: Cardboard cops

NICK EICHER, HOST: Getting drivers to slow down and obey the speed limit isn’t easy. The thin blue line really is thin, and officers can’t be everywhere.

Kicker: Politics and patients

MARY REICHARD, HOST: Dr. Lotay Tshering is a skilled doctor and surgeon. He’s the best known physician in Bhutan, his home country in south Asia.  

Kicker: Bad News Bears

NICK EICHER, HOST: Authorities in Estes Park, Colorado, noted a recent rash of car break-ins, and they’re warning people who live in the area: you better lock your car.

Kicker: A floating car

MARY REICHARD, HOST: When Blackstone, Massachusetts Fire Chief Michael Sweeney got the call on his radio, he feared the worst.