Friday morning news: October 18, 2019

Pence announces ceasefire in Syria » Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday announced a ceasefire in Syria. That came after hours of face-to-face meetings in Turkey with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Thursday morning news: October 17, 2019

Pence, Pompeo meet with Turkish president, as Trump defends pullout » Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are in Turkey today to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pence is leading a delegation—hoping to broker a ceasefire in northern Syria. 

Wednesday morning news: October 16, 2019

Democrats face off in Ohio for 4th presidential debate » Twelve White House hopefuls packed a crowded stage in Ohio last night. 

Tuesday morning news: October 15, 2019

White House orders Turkey sanctions » The Trump administration has announced new sanctions against Turkey following its assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

Monday morning news: October 14, 2019

Northern Syria conflict grows bloodier, U.S. troops ordered out » President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to begin pulling all remaining U.S. troops out of northern Syria. That as the conflict there grows bloodier. 

Friday morning news: October 11, 2019

Civilians flee amid Turkish assault in northern Syria » Black clouds of smoke continue to billow over northern Syria today as bombs rain down near the Turkish border. 

Thursday morning news: October 10, 2019

White House says impeachment inquiry “constitutionally invalid” as Trump predicts a Supreme Court case » The White House has declared the impeachment inquiry “constitutionally invalid.” And it has informed House Democrats that it will not cooperate with the probe. 

Wednesday morning news: October 9, 2019

Democrats plan subpoena after Trump admin blocks diplomat testimony » House Democrats are compelling a U.S. diplomat to appear on Capitol Hill after the Trump administration blocked him from testifying on Tuesday. 

Tuesday morning news: October 8, 2019

Republicans revolt over Trump’s troop pullout in Syria » Republicans on Capitol Hill are publicly blasting President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of northern Syria. 

Monday morning news: October 7, 2019

Second whistleblower complains about Trump Ukraine dealings » A second whistleblower has come forward with information about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.