Friday morning news, January 24, 2020

Democrats wind down opening arguments in impeachment trial » Today is day three of opening arguments for House Democrats in the Senate impeachment trial. 

Thursday morning news – January 23, 2020

House impeachment managers begin opening arguments » House Democrats will be back on the Senate floor this afternoon—making their case for impeaching President Trump. 

Wednesday morning news, January 22, 2020

Democrats, Republicans clash over rules on day one of Senate impeachment trial » Plenty of fireworks in the Senate chamber on day one of the Senate’s impeachment trial. Democrats and Republicans clashed over the rules that will govern the trial. That debate spilled over into this morning. 

Tuesday morning news, January 21, 2020

Impeachment trial begins in the Senate » The Senate impeachment trial begins today—in a Senate chamber transformed to resemble a courtroom. 

Monday morning news – January 20, 2020

Both sides dig in ahead of Senate impeachment trial » With the Senate impeachment trial set to begin tomorrow, both sides are already arguing their cases to the American public. 

Friday morning news, January 17, 2020

Senate passes USMCA » The new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada sailed over its final legislative hurdle in the Senate on Thursday.

Thursday morning news, January 16, 2020

Trump, Chinese vice premier sign “Phase One” trade deal » President Trump welcomed Chinese Vice Premier Liu He at the White House on Wednesday to sign the first phase of a new trade deal. 

Wednesday morning news, January 15, 2020

Debate » AUDIO: [Sound of debate intro] With the Iowa Caucuses now less than three weeks away, six White House contenders squared off last night in the first debate of 2020. 

Tuesday morning news, January 14, 2020

Iran protest reportedly turn violent » Anger swelled once again in the streets of Tehran Monday as protesters demanded that Iran’s leaders be held accountable for the accidental shootdown of a passenger jet. 

Monday morning news – January 13, 2020

Demonstrators flood streets of Tehran after Iran government admits to shooting down passenger jet » Demonstrators flooded the streets of Tehran on Sunday after Iran’s government admitted to mistakenly shooting down a commercial airliner last week.