Monday morning news: January 7, 2019

Shutdown continues as both sides dig in their heels » Still no headway in talks over the partial government shutdown. Democrats say they won’t negotiate funding for a border wall and President Trump insists he won’t sign a government funding bill without it. Both sides say they’re prepared for a long shutdown.

Friday morning news: January 4, 2019

Democrats assume control of the House as 116th Congress convenes » On the first day of the new Congress, President Trump made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room Thursday and told reporters, he’s optimistic the divided government can cooperate. 

Thursday morning news: January 3, 2019

Shutdown enters day 13 as talks yield no progress » Lawmakers met with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday, but Democrats did not budge on funding the president demands for a border wall. Nor was the president willing to abandon his pursuit of a wall, as Democrats demand.

Wednesday morning news: January 2, 2019

Trump’s New Year message and latest shutdown drama » President Trump rung in the New Year with a message on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning news: January 1, 2019

President Trump defends troop withdrawal from Syria » Defense Secretary Jim Mattis left the Pentagon last night, officially handing the reins to Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. He’ll serve in the interim until the Senate confirms President Trump’s future appointee.  

Monday morning news: December 31, 2018

Government shutdown set to stretch into the new year » Washington will ring in the new year with parts of the federal government still shut down. That as Democrats and the White House continue their standoff over funding for a border wall. 

Friday morning news: December 28, 2018

Government shutdown enters Day 7 with no end in sight » It is now Day 7 of the partial government shutdown.

Thursday morning news: December 27, 2018

Trump makes surprise visit to Iraq » President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump made a surprise trip to Iraq on Wednesday. They visited with troops stationed at the Al-Asad Airbase west of Baghdad. It was the president’s first trip to meet with service personnel in a conflict zone.

Wednesday morning news: December 26, 2018

Pope’s Christmas Wish » AUDIO: [Trumpets] Speaking to 50,000 pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis said his Christmas wish was for fraternity among the world’s nations and cultures.

Tuesday morning news: December 25, 2018

Markets » AUDIO: [NYSE closing bell] Saved by the bell, the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange.