Wednesday morning news – May 6, 2020

White House planning to wind down coronavirus task force » The White House is beginning to wind down its coronavirus task force.  

Tuesday morning news – May 5, 2020

Senate back on Capitol Hill, House delays return » And how to guard against the coronavirus is on the minds of lawmakers this week. Senators returned to Capitol Hill on Monday, but members of the House did not. 

Monday morning news – May 4, 2020

More states begin slow push to jumpstart economies » More states continue to slowly reopen for business. Florida is among the latest states to roll back restrictions. Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters…

Friday morning news – May 1, 2020

3.8 million Americans filed jobless claims last week » Another 3.8 million American workers filed jobless claims last week as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the global economy.

Thursday morning news – April 30, 2020

Fauci: experimental drug will be “standard of care” after successful study » A study run by the National Institutes of Health may have a breakthrough in treating the coronavirus. 

Wednesday morning news – April 29, 2020

Treasury secretary expects summer bounce back for economy » Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said Tuesday that he expects the economy to begin rebounding over the summer. 

Tuesday morning news – April 28, 2020

White House announces new efforts to expand COVID-19 testing » The White House released new guidelines Monday on coronavirus testing and reopening businesses. Speaking in the Rose Garden, President Trump told reporters…

Monday morning news – April 27, 2020

Dine-in restaurants reopen in Georgia » Most dine-in restaurants can reopen for business today in Georgia, under certain conditions. Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s executive order makes clear that it’s not back to business as usual. 

Friday morning news – April 24, 2020

House approves nearly $500 billion dollars of additional coronavirus aid » Congress delivered almost $500 billion of additional coronavirus aid on Thursday. 

Thursday morning news – April 23, 2020

White House warns states against reopening too early » At the White House on Wednesday, President Trump and top officials warned states against moving to reopen their economies too soon.