Thursday morning news: February 21, 2019

Russia threatens to aim more missiles at U.S. » Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday threatened to aim more missiles at the United States if the U.S. stations new intermediate range missiles in Europe.

Wednesday morning news: February 20, 2019

President Trump signs order to create Space Force » President Trump signed a directive Tuesday aimed at creating what he hopes will one day be a new branch of the U.S. military.

Tuesday morning news: February 19, 2019

N.C. Board of Elections hears evidence of voter fraud in Ninth District » More than three months after the midterm elections, voters in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District still do not have a voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Monday morning news: February 18, 2019

President’s emergency declaration sparks fierce debate » President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to access billions in funding for a border wall is sparking fierce debate on Capitol Hill.

Friday morning news: February 15, 2019

President Trump to sign funding bill, declare emergency » President Trump announced Thursday that he will sign a bipartisan bill to fund the government and then declare a national emergency and perhaps use other executive powers to get the rest of the money for a border wall.

Thursday morning news: February 14, 2019

White House waiting on final funding bill » As lawmakers hammered out the wording of a bipartisan funding bill Wednesday, President Trump still would not say if he plans to sign it. But sources say he’s leaning that way.

Wednesday morning news: February 13, 2019

President Trump not tipping hand on border compromise » President Trump is not saying whether he’ll sign off on a compromise deal lawmakers reached Monday night to fund the government.

Tuesday morning news: February 12, 2019

House and Senate negotiators agree “in principle” to funding deal » As President Trump once again pressed his case for a border wall at a rally in Texas on Monday…

Monday morning news: February 11, 2019

Funding bill negotiations stall amid ICE debate » After days of optimism from both parties, government funding talks on Capitol Hill have hit another snag.

Friday morning news: February 8, 2019

Trump denounces “presidential harassment” by Democrats » President Trump on Thursday denounced what he called “presidential harassment” on the part of House Democrats.