Friday morning news: June 21, 2019

Iran shoots down US drone » President Trump said Thursday that the U.S. “will not stand” for Iran shooting down an American surveillance drone.

Thursday morning news: June 20, 2019

Trump administration relaxes anti-coal regulations » The Trump administration on Wednesday finalized its plans for a sweeping rollback of Obama-era regulations on coal plants.

Wednesday morning news: June 19, 2019

President Trump kicks off reelection campaign at FL event » PENCE: We’re going to make history again in 2020 when we reelect the 45th president of the United States!

Tuesday morning news: June 18, 2019

Iran says its accelerating nuclear program » Iran said on Monday that within 10 days it will blow past the uranium stockpile limit set under the 2015 nuclear deal. A spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said “We have quadrupled the rate of enrichment and even increased it more recently.”

Monday morning news: June 17, 2019

Hong Kong leader apologizes for extradition bill » AUDIO: [Sound of protests] Protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong over the weekend to demand the city’s top leader step down. Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologized late Sunday for supporting a deeply unpopular extradition bill that sparked a week of protests. It would allow criminal defendants...

Friday morning news: June 14, 2019

U.S. says Iran behind attacks on two tankers near Persian Gulf » Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. believes Iran was responsible for attacks on two oil tankers near the Persian Gulf on Thursday.

Thursday morning news: June 13, 2019

House panel votes to hold top Trump admin officials in contempt » Democrats on a House panel voted Wednesday to hold two top Trump administration officials in contempt of Congress.

Wednesday morning news: June 12, 2019

House votes to let committee leaders sue to enforce subpoenas » Democrats in the House voted on Tuesday to make it easier to sue the Trump administration and potential witnesses. The move paves the way for legal action against those who defy House subpoenas.

Tuesday morning news: June 11, 2019

House panel to get underlying materials from Russia probe » Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will get some of documents they’ve demanded from the Justice Department.

Monday morning news: June 10, 2019

U.S., Mexico tout agreement to avoid tariffs » New tariffs will not take effect on Mexican imports today. That, after the Trump administration reached an agreement with Mexico on Friday to avoid them.